Sunday, June 18, 2006

Urban Saturdays...

Today my sister called to let me know that I had missed a perfect urban Saturday. I think she's looking forward to me moving down there...but does she realize how much I'm looking forward to it?! Uh--it's almost painful. She said that her day started with meeting a friend and her dog for a long walk, then they went to the farmer's market (a new one--small, but with loads of exceptionally wonderful organic veggies), then out for breakfast, and finally to the coffee shop where they relaxed and talked until it was time to go home. Yes, to me that sounds like a perfect urban Saturday. Walking, food, coffee, relaxing. I'm ready for it.

This evening I spent a little while reading on the couch and soon found myself being overcome by sleepiness. I looked at the clock at 5:38 and woke up to look at it again at 5:56. 18 minutes of bliss. I dreamt that I hopped in my car on Monday and spontaneously headed for Mpls. to look for a place to live. My 7 year old nephew is apperently selling lemonade on Monday from 5-6pm for 25 cents a glass. He was making fliers to post around the neighborhood while I was talking on the phone with my sister (that part is for real! I don't understand it either). Anyway, in the dream V. and I found the perfect place and made it to the lemonade sale to boot. The house we're living in sold the day before and therefore freed us from our lease. We came home, packed, and moved. Life felt settled--then I woke up.

In reality, V. and I are still having a hard time finding a place that works well for us. I'm being picky because I want Anu to be happy. V.'s being picky because that is his nature (haha! no really--it's true). I'm being particular about having a writing/painting space, about living near a park to walk Anu in, and living a convenient distance (or at least drive) from my sister and brother. Dang, who would have ever thought I'd want to live so close to my siblings? Ha! But (for now) I do!

We did find the perfect place when we last visited a few weeks ago, except that it was too expensive. Now it's rented to someone else. Bummer. But talking with V. today I was reminded of FAITH.

The perfect place will reveal itself at the perfect time. Anyway, why should I doubt that? It always has in the past. Our biggest problem is, quite likely, just that we're getting ANTSY! I am not a fan of limbo.

Check out this urban art. I'd post the image, but I'd probably get in trouble. I like this one best.


Endment said...

Wishing you success in your house hunting--- you make it sound like a special kind of an adventure :)

Jessie said...

Isn't it?

paris parfait said...

I'm sure you will find the right place for you - maybe the dream was indicative that it's close to realisation. Hope so!

Kara said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan of limbo either - good luck with the house hunting! I'm happy to hear you'll be near your sister for urban saturdays and other adventures - keep the faith!

Elizabeth said...

"Faith," so true! You're right, all the pieces will fall into place somehow, some way.

Best to you!

Jamie said...

Here's to holding out for what you want! It sounds like you've got a clear vision. May just the right place show up and find you :)

GoGo said...

Good luck on your quest. You will find what you are looking for. Or maybe it will find you!

What an adventure in the mean time.

melba said...

At first it was fun looking for a house, but I soon dreaded it. Easier to rent an apartment where there is not quite so much at stake.
Are you buying a house? or an apartment? or renting. because I didn't mean to assume it was easy to rent an apartment, just easier for me because I always lived in big cities with lots of choices.
There are so many things I would change about my house, but I just try to concentrate on the stuff I like. Oneday i would like to have a big studio...that is my dream.

Jessie said...

Melba, we're going to rent because we'll probably only be there for a year before we move again. In many ways, I'd prefer it if we were buying...because then we could have as many dogs and cats and fences our hearts desired. It sucks needing permission for all the things our lives contain.

But speaking of studios...we found a house with a detached studio--it was beautiful! I hope you someday get yours.

And thank you all for your wonderful comments. I'm still banking on faith (and hopefully luck).

Jessie said...

Um--but to make things clear...the place with the studio was too expensive. It is little more than a day dream. Just thought I should clarify that. :)-