Thursday, June 01, 2006


Yes, that is thunder I hear. Thunder and lightening--dangerous weather to be blogging in. Storms always make me want to write.

So, I bet you all thought I already left. Nope. Not yet. I haven't had anything to say or, for that matter, time to say it...well, not until all this electricity in the air created a sense of risk anyway.

The bags are packed. They have been since yesterday. They are sitting by the door waiting to go to the mountains of Montana and Idaho (or wherever else we end up)...and will continue to wait until 4 pm Saturday when I'm done working at the Art Center. Did I mention that I'm about jumping out of my skin with anticipation? And first of all, I must point out that I never (oooooh, REALLY big THunDER!!!)...uh, where was I?... oh yeah... I never used to pack until 15 minutes before walking out the door. Actually, this whole packing process has made me realize quite a few changes my life has taken.

I used to drive a pick-up truck with a topper. In the cab behind the seat I had a blue plastic tub with all my camping gear. On top of that I had my cook stove and on top of that a pillow. On top of the pillow was my old dog Japhy (named after Japhy Rider in Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums--one of my favorite books, by the way). He was a black border collie mix--very nimble and able to get comfy in small spaces. He was my constant companion (oops, there I went off on a dog tangent again). Anyway, my point is that my life was packed--at ALL times. I could get up at a moments notice and go. I'd throw a few clothes in a bag, but other than that, everything else I needed to live was neatly tucked behind the driver's seat.

Yesterday I pulled that beat up old tub out from under a bunch of junk that had accumulated on top of it down in the basement. Everything was just as I had left it--gas lantern, cooking gear, extra shoelaces, ect, ect...(yeah, you get the point). And then I started adding to it. Tent, sleeping bags, food crate, misl. crate, more misl. more misl...good god, you'd think we're moving!!! So my question is: What happened??

Not to mention, I had to make a couple dozen phone calls to let this, that, and another person (pet sitters, parents, realtors, business reps, art directors, ect, ect...) know that we'd be out of town. Ridiculous. What sort of responsible adulthood has my life come to???

Anyway, we're leaving Saturday and will be back in a week (...or so). The bags are sitting next to the door because WE CAN'T WAIT!!! We don't even have anything to eat (because we packed it already).

But one question I have is: Can I live without internet??
And my second question is: Is that really what my life has come to??

Did I mention that something weird has happened to me lately?...That I've been doing a lot of thinking but, like Moose, I've done very little reading or writing. One of these days soon I might write about that more...but for now I'm going outside to smell the rain. I think letting my brain temporarily melt is a good thing. The trick seems to be in not not letting it stay that way.


deirdre said...

I'm glad to hear you're ready to go. I usually pack waaayyy far in advance (Virgo), but have gotten later and later with my preparations lately. I've just started gathering things together for my retreat tomorrow! Enjoy the thunder, drive safely, breathe deeply. Blog later.

Jessie said...

sagittarius. yep, I guess that makes sense then doesn't it. :)-

And thank you. I will.

Here's to RENEWAL!!

paris parfait said...

Jessie, am so glad you're making this trip happen. You deserve a break, after all your hard work this year. I love what you wrote about always being packed and ready to go at a moment's notice and now it being a big production - same here, only mine was a suitcase, not a truck (years of hopping on planes, off to reporting assignments). Enjoy your trip; relax and don't worry about the blogosphere, which will still be waiting when you get back - happy to hear about your adventures! :)

liz elayne said...

i envy the you of the past who could just throw it all together...and i appreciate the you of the present who is so excited she has packed in advance.
i love the rain storms as well...we had one last night and it was wondrous to listen to as i drifted off to sleep.
you are going to have an incredible time! take care of yourself and let your mind rest. then you will be ready to create so will be...

Loralee Choate said...

You are going to have a great time!

I worked at a bookstore and OD'd on reading (I know...I can't believe it could happen, either!)

I sat down and read a book yesterday and LOVED it. I need to start that again.

Have fun and we'll be here when you return.

melba said...

I have come to the conclusion that reading blogs IS reading. My favorite types of books are biographies, self help, and non-fiction get that all with blogging and art and photography and feedback! Although I would eventually like to read some of the books waiting for me in my tote bag...I am feeling full.

Have a great trip!!

Kristine said...

I'm glad to hear that you are getting away. Have a great trip and some well needed adventure!

Jamie said...

I share your yearning for freedom, fellow Sag. I hope you feel the wind in your hair and your soul busting out! Enjoy.

Endment said...

So shortly you will be headed out I wish you adventure, and peace a bit of joy and lots of food for your soul.