Thursday, January 03, 2008

things I want to do:

  • drink of cup of tea
  • travel to India
  • read a book from cover to cover
  • get a professional massage
  • go for a long walk, just Anu and I
  • go for a long walk, just Louis and I
  • go for a long walk, just me?
  • find a new job that I love
  • get my dog training certification
  • hang out with horses
  • work on a painting that's been hanging out in my head
  • finish the two paintings I've started
  • make journals (I'm currently working on two of them)
  • start sewing
  • travel to France with Vinny
  • live in a strange and unexpected location--the desert?
  • make snow angels (without worrying if there's dog poop in the yard)
  • take a bubble bath and read
  • redo my wardrobe
  • go out for coffee
  • and to a nice French restaurant
  • sit in front of the fireplace surrounded by my four-leggeds
  • build a unique and artful house in the country
  • work in my very own studio space with high ceilings and good light
  • go skiing
  • watch a sunset
  • and a sunrise
  • go to a ballet
  • sit in a tree
  • lay in a hammock
  • make some chai
  • write long letters to my friends
  • parachute jump from a plane
  • go swimming
  • eat healthy
  • sit back, relax, and breathe deeply
  • sit on my old porch and laugh with my friends
  • adopt another dog
  • stand on my head
  • get inspired
  • move to Morocco


Anonymous said...

This is a great list Jessie!
"build a unique and artful house in the country" that's cool.
"travel to India".., ohhh, me too!
Happy 2008!

laundrygirl said...

Such a delicious list! I need to make one!

Sharon said...

What a lovely list! I hope you get to do as many of those things as you have time, money, and energy for!

As an OLD person, I will tell you something VERY important!!!!

Don't reach my age and regret what you DIDN'T do!!! OK???

Laura B. said...

This list makes me happy, Jessie - for you and for me! So many possibilities in this life :)
Much love.

Smiler said...

I found your blog by chance (as those things tend to happen) and just read on your list about your desire to travel to India. I said the very same on my blog last week, and so yesterday did a photo essay on India with these amazing photographs from a photographer who's in love with the place. If you're curious to see... just follow this link :-)

Melba said...

What a lovely list! So dreamy!

Kikipotamus said...

This is a beautiful list. Delicious. I think you are going to make many of these come true.

Amber said...

You forgot, "Travel to Northern California and visit Amber".


Jessie said...

Amber, of course! How could I forget?! :)