Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mondo-Beyondo 2008

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I was inspired to create my own "Mondo-Beyondo" list after reading Kristine's list this morning. That girl inspires me beyondo all get out! I made my list today because I was (am!) feeling especially hopeful and excited about things. This week alone, V. and I landed THREE new web design clients! I also managed to apply to FOUR more jobs today. This is good because it usually takes me a ridiculous amount of time to write cover letters. I over-think and over-nitpick everything, but today I kept promising myself that the sooner I got done, the sooner I could head to the art supply store. This, I've decided, is excellent incentive because...

I can't even tell you how excited I am about the 3 new canvases I purchased for the show in March. Not only are they big and odd sized, but they were on SALE! Yes, this pleases me immensely. What pleases me even more is that WORK HAS BEGUN! Oh great glory! It always feels good to get back to painting after such a serious bout of writing. One always clarifies the other and it always feels good to make the switch from writing to painting or the other way around. My life and mind and spirit finally feels spacious enough to move on and I really can't even tell you what an incredible breath of fresh air that is.

Since this is the first time I've ever painted dogs I've decided to start with my own because they are the ones I know best--starting with Louis. So far, I've drawn out an image of him on a 12"x36" canvas. It's long and skinny and perfect for what I'm working with.

This sensation I feel inside of me is, well, wonderful. I mean, I sorta feel like dancing or singing or generally being theatrical--ridiculously so. Louis, on the other hand, just wants to make sure that I don't forget about him. Somewhere along the lines, he has become my constant side-kick. I have never, in my whole life, met a dog with such a tender heart.

Anyway, about this "Mondo-Beyondo" thing, I can't help but hope that this week is just the beginning of something new and wonderful and satisfying. I've witnessed Kristine accomplish some pretty incredible things this past year. I'm hoping that my own Mondo-Beyondo list might help me to accomplish some of my own wildest dreams. ;)

I brought this Buddha-dog home a couple months ago in honor of my new business name: Stray Dog Arts. As V. and I struck out into the wild frontier of web design this, I decided, was the calm center that I wanted to begin and continue working from. Strangely enough, Stray Dog Arts has begun to manifest itself in ways that I never expected.

Here's to wishing big and to achieving



I AM said...

May all your mondo-ist dreams come true!!!

Girl, you are just infused with energy and enlightenment these days....you wear it well.

Joy Eliz said...

How INSPIRING!!!! you go girl!!!

I AM said...

the very first mondo post...way back in 2004. it's here:


Jessie said...

wow! 4 years of mondo-beyondo. how cool is that?! thank, t!

and joy eliz--hey, i've MISSED you! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited to see the finished products of some of your dog portraits! and as for mondo-beyondo -- i'm hoping it will be an incredible year for both of us!

Leah said...

omg, your dog portraits are going to be ****awesome!!!!**** so exciting!

thanks for the inspiring post, darlin. i loved your mondo beyondo list. i gotta finish up mine. :-) xox

Melba said...

Your List Rocks!
I LOVED seeing your writing!

and the budha dog is so you!


Olivia said...

Jessie, I love your Buddha dog and your new business name. It sounds so exciting, as do your other plans for this year and more! Good for you, you're inspiring me, too! Love, O xxoo

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! I LOVE the buddha-dog!
omg, it's SO perfect for you!
You have a sense of energy that inspires me so much!

Amber said...

Whoowhooo! Go you. I love the doggy drawing so far. Can't wait to see it all done. :)


laundrygirl said...

There’s so much I could say about this post. First of all YOU inspire ME! I love your mondo list! I need to add paying off debt and getting a studio space to my list too!
I love, love, love the photo of that studio. Gosh, (sigh) what a dream come true that would be. I cannot wait to see your dog portraits. The sketched outline of Louie looks like it’s going to be incredible!
The dog statue is so YOU. It made me smile…

Vedrana M. said...

looks wonderful :) i'm happy for you!

Jane said...

I love finding good art supplies on sale and I just LOVE the doggie budha statue!!

Keep up the good vibes and have a wonderful weekend!

The Dream said...

Cool deal, you rockin' cool artist! I love it when I score canvases on sale - the best! Check out www.dickblick.com for some sweet deals too ... always a winner, unless I'm too impatient and have to rush out and buy one within minutes. Yeah, I'm freaky like that sometimes.

Love your dog buddha!
OMG, your baby is all grown up!!!!

madelyn said...


I LOVE it!

Dearest Jessie ~ everything is
on it's way to you attracted by
your desire and incredible talent
and soaring spirit:)

(make sure i am on that travel
list if i dont get to your first)