Thursday, January 03, 2008


I'm observing the darkness of my little writing room, a greyish light struggling its way in through closed blinds. My desk is a mess. I feel the need to clean, but where to go with all of it? Thesis papers, Christmas cards, piles of collected images that I save for web design inspiration (but have yet to use), cards and paintings and an old newspaper, water bottles, coffee cups, plant, pens, candles, lamps, notes, lavender oil, legal tablets, stacks and stacks of books.

There's a dog a my feet and a cat curled up at my side. Rather than go to work today, I would prefer to open up the blinds, clean out this office, and begin again. Always, there is so much that I want to do in this one, short little life. I feel such a sense of spaciousness on the inside, I want my exterior world to reflect that.

Today I breathe deeply and revel in the question: Where to begin?


Sharon said...

Ah...there is something so very therapeutic about cleaning. My sewing room is a case in point... piles of fabric, bits of thread everywhere, and my desk!

You have inspired me to begin to think about cleaning my space..notice I said 'think' about it!.....

Melba said...

To begin. That is it i have found. to just start. last night I felt like you describe and I just put one toy away and then another and then the christmas wrappings away and then...after a few hours I stopped even though there is more to do i feel good to have some of the clutter cleaned away.
Thinking of you!

Amber said...

Me too! I feel like this, too. I still need to put away all the Christmas stuff... I am feeling the dark sky start to dim my vision, so I don't see the clutter so much. I am ready for a little sun, I think. Sun to shine light in my space, and my head, to chase the dust bunnies away.


madelyn said...

a line is a dot that went
for a walk:)...

paul klee?

not sure who said it:)

laundrygirl said...

I smiled when I read this because I have a quote on my bulletin board, a remark I wrote down one day that Liz (be present, be here) wrote. It says:
when I don't know what to do.
when I don't know what to make.
when I am scared. begin.
when I am overwhelmed. begin.
begin. do not be afraid.
stop with the excuses already.

Laura B. said...

I love your description of your desk---it sounds so much like mine right now. In fact, "Clean Desk" is on my list of Things To Do tomorrow, although who knows if I'll get to it or not. I agree: Where to begin?!
Good luck.