Sunday, January 06, 2008

I just finished the "33 Journal" that I made for myself and here it is...ready and waiting to hold all the juicy new beginnings of this 33rd year of my life. My birthday was nearly a month ago and New Years was almost a week ago...still, there is something perfect about the timing of this journal and I look forward to recording my daily journey onto the hodge-podge of paper that I've bound together.

How is it that the month of January is already flying past me at, what feels like, warp speed. Ah well, this time I am not complaining as these past five days have been filled lots of inspired and interesting thoughts.

One thing I've been meaning to blog about is Leah's Creative Every Day 2008. I've been so busy working towards my goals that I keep momentarily forgetting that I decided to join in. But please don't be offended, Leah--because what amazes me the most is the way that creativity has so solidly rooted itself in my day to day life. It happens without me even having to consciously think about it. And that feels really good.

The cool thing about Creative Every Day 2008 is that I feel absolutely no pressure to do anything more than I'm inspired to do. Despite finishing my thesis, it turns out that my life is still busy (ha! Should I be surprised?). But this busy-ness is different. Although writing my thesis was creative, personal, and helped to heal some very deep wounds, it was something that just needed to get done. On one level I was doing it for myself, but on another level it was/is for someone else. It is a hoop to jump. But these days...oh, everything else is so different. My thoughts and endeavors are so full of potential and change. They are so me--as though a culmination of my entire life up until now. These thoughts are thrilling and dramatic and wonderful.

Sometimes I worry that I am setting myself up for failure and that it my ideas are ridiculous and blah, blah, blah... But then there's this other side of me, a much larger side, that is amazed by the way the puzzle pieces of my life are starting to fall into place.

I want to live an authentic life. Note to self: this is what it looks like:


*upper left hand: A wonderful Christmas gift of words and color from a wonderful friend, Mardagourrl
*lower left hand: Time spent my best friend in the whole wild world with her beautiful new baby boy, Elias. I'm smitten. ;)
*upper right hand: New Year's Day spent relaxing in front of the fire with a cup of tea, a good book, and my four-leggeds.


Loralee Choate said...

How I would love to curl up with some coffee and chat in front of that fire with you.


Looking out the window at the amazing trees across the street would be pretty fabulous, too...

MAHIMA said...

i love the idea of a 33 journal for your 33rd year. i just turned 22 and started a new journal for this month (mine usually never last beyond a month!)but never thought to name it 22!
I also love, love, love the cover page.

Sharon said...

What a lovely post!

All the best to you as you move through your 33rd year!

Amber said...

Go jesse, go jesse, go go go jesse! (sorry I was channeling my inner cherrleader for a sec)


Amber said...

Also, Elias. Awwwwwww

and I adore that name.


Anonymous said...

Miss you. Lost my comment due to blogger. Darn.

Melba said...

Your journal is beautiful. i know you will fill it up with good things.
I like when you share pictures. your home looks so cool!

Leah said...

not even the slightest bit offended! i love the way creativity is permeating your life!!!

that journal is awesome. i'm super excited for all that's to come for you in your 33rd year. xoxox

megg said...

What a great journal!! I'm so excited to hear all about what you are doing to fill it!

And as for living authentically - I know that the reason I resonate so strongly with your words on here is because you feel and sound SO authentic - you are so full of interest and enthusiasm and depth - I think that authenticity is already one of your gifts!!

LOVE to you as you begin your 33 journal!!!

The Dream said...

You SO ROCK! I love your Journal 33! Great pics - what a sweet baby!!!

kj said...

awh, jessie, remember this post when the road gets murky, because in 3 pictures you'll know what you're into!

love to you in 2008!


Laura B. said...

A beautiful journal, and beautiful pictures. You have such a sense of style with your homes...!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible journal...and I LOVE these pics...a closer glimpse into your precious life! I have been thinking of you my darling J...wondering if you can feel the thoughts traveling across too many damn miles. You are such an inspiration...I have no more words at the moment, other than THANK YOU! Thank you for your letters, for the words and images you offer the world through this blog, for the amazing woman you are!
Love you,

laundrygirl said...

Make me want to start a new art journal - or at least blow the dust off the one I already started.
Your living room looks cozy. Wish we lived closer.

Vedrana M. said...

looks amazing! i have award for you- find out on my blog :) xoxo

Jane said...

Fantastic photos!! Happy New Year to you :)

Tammy said...

Jessie, it's beautiful. I love the adorable baby pic...too cute! That's a fun to do list you have there. Happy New Year! XXOO

Jamie ~ Wishcasting said...

I am always amazed by photos of your home - so creative, beautiful, inviting. It always looks like a place you'd like to curl up for hours and have a good chat, drink wonderful tea/coffee/wine and feel at home. I know that's because it's an expression of you.