Monday, September 24, 2007

with love, to and from the universe.

I went on a real live "artist's date" today and it was fabulous. Seriously fabulous. I returned to writing morning pages about a week ago and I guess one thing just lead to another. Morning pages and artist's dates go together nicely, kind of like wine and chocolate...but, more specifically, I've come to the necessary conclusion that I needed to take some time to switch gears or I was going to burn out completely. Through journaling, I realize that I have been spinning my wheels in the exact same spot over the exact same issues for so long now that I've spun my way down into some awfully deep ruts. I realized that I needed a break from my habitual self because I have worn myself so thin that there is just about nothing left of me.

Today I should have been working on my thesis. I should have been working on a website. I should have done laundry. I should have done lots of things. But instead... I thoroughly enjoyed the day and It. Was. Lovely!

In no specific order I...
  • Visited one of my favorite galleries and bought a very cool ceramic cup just the right size for a double espresso. I've dubbed it my art inspiration cup.
  • Ran into my dear friend, Ellen (who I worked with at the bookstore and have been missing incredibly!)...purely by accident.
  • Lingered over beautiful clothes, luxurious tea cups, and sweet smelling candles at Anthropologie.
  • Sat in the back yard and wrote while my wolfie and pup played hard, especially loving it when they took turns to come and rest up against my legs.
  • Went out to lunch at an Indian restaurant all by my peacefully quiet lonesome and, after the meal, enjoyed a very delicious cup of chai. For one hour I was in India, if only in my imagination.
  • Went paper and card shopping, taking the time to drink in plenty of color, texture, and inspiration.
  • Thought about my friends all day.
  • Watched Oprah for the first time in, oh, about 15 years. I respect her much more now than I did then.
  • Worked on a series of three paintings while drinking a perfect cup of coffee from my new inspiration cup (see first item on list). I'm sure the cup will turn into a painting of its own one of these days soon.
  • Got lots of new ideas for more paintings.
  • Saw butterflies everywhere (seriously, everywhere!) and smiled a big smile each time because it made me think of a very beautiful friend. It was uncanny, actually. I guess I was meant to think of her often today. ;)
  • Decided to go camping with my dogs one of these days very soon.
  • Worked on a website with V. and edited some content.
  • Kept my eyes and heart open for something new...and was surprised several times by what I found.
  • Drove all over this lil' metropolis and back again without getting lost--something that I wasn't able to do when I moved here a year ago.
  • Had a wonderful, but short, telephone conversation with M.
  • Took the dogs for a walk in Sherwood Forest.
  • Enjoyed a thunderstorm.
  • Cooked a very big, very delicious Greek meal.
  • Experienced large amounts of love.
  • Snuggled my beautiful black cat (presently).
Did I miss anything? Really, when it comes down to it, my entire day has been one big artist's date. I feel extremely rejuvenated. I breathed deep and took time to touch, taste, see, smell, and just generally enjoy things. I live in the city, but rarely take the time to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Yesterday I wrote in my morning pages that I needed a change of perspective. Today, me thinks, was exactly the sort of perspective shift I was looking for.


tkg said...

How utterly perfect and exactly what you needed!

Can't wait to see the new art.

Loralee Choate said...

That sounds like a great way to spend your time. I envy the Anthropologie trip. We have a store in SLC, but I have yet to be able to actually make it down there.

I agree about Oprah, but really, I think that it's more because she is so rich and powerful now that she has the luxury of doing exactly what she wants to do on her show.

I think more people would be like her but the all-mighty dollar gets in the way.

Sometimes I wonder how her show would be if she didn't have the position that she does? How different and how the same would it be?

Ok, wow. I will stop creating an Oprah thesis before everyone takes a fork to their eye!!!

martha said...

Dear Jesse,
You sound wonderful! What a fine artist date. I am lovng your paintings.Keep doing whatever you are doing to fuel your creative soul. xoxo

gkgirl said...

what a fantastic sounding day.
you make me wonder
what i might see through
new eyes in my town
were i to try...


Laura B. said...

Your day sounds beautiful. Thanks for sharing in such detail!

Leah said...

what a delicious day!

isn't it amazing how mp's can help you so quickly see where you're spinning your wheels? love that!

bella said...

Goodness, I need a day like this!!

Melba said...

I am soaking in your inspirational energy and boy do I need it today. I have a horrid head cold and I am fighting the grumpies.
I think I will go do something creative. or go shopping for art supplies while the children are at school.

Amber said...

Wow, that sounds just yummy. All of it.

Butterfly="sighn of transformation"


Maddie said...

Jessie -
this post of your artists date
just filled me up with such joy and
it's strange - it made me feel
like I went out on that date!

You painted such a portrait of
that day - and I could smell the candles and taste the Indian
(YUM!) food and couldn't wait to
run home and make coffee in my new cup!

these days are so vital are
they not?

butterflies - isn't it spooky?

wait till you see what Mohan is doing
with my etsy profile pix!

(warmest hugs)

Jane said...

What a fantastic day! I love those days where you get to do a little of everything you love. Even your food sounded so varied and exotic :))

tara dawn said...

What a truly beautiful day! My heart sings just reading about all these nurturing, inspiring activities. More of these days for all of us...a commitment to make:)
Love you darling spirit! Letter still to come.