Friday, September 07, 2007

a painting a day: labor day weekend watercolors...

"Paint Box"
Original Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Original Watercolor and Ink on Paper

"My Brother's Row Boat"
Original Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Original Watercolor and Ink on Paper

"Evening Calm"
Original Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Note: These paintings and others are for sale on my Etsy @


liz elayne said...

these are beautiful...

and i hope you got a chance to paint your heart out today as well...

(this is me waving hello...and hoping that things are bright and beautiful in your world...)

Jane said...

I love these watercolors. Honestly, I am so in awe of my fellow bloggers who seem to be able to sit down and paint or create on a daily basis. I need to get back to that place where I used to do that. You've inspired me to go get some watercolor paper this weekend and play with some paint.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I love these...they are so beautiful! Enjoy your painting...I am so thrilled for your gush of creativity!

Tammy said...

I LOVE that row boat! Nice job with watercolors Jessie. XXOO

Sharon said...

My goodness, you are SO talented! I am in awe!!

The Dream said...

Fantastico, Jessie! As usual, you are SO on top of your game.

I, on the other hand, chased my tail for hours ... grrrrrr ... I growl at myself.

Maddie said...


My beautiful painting arrive from
you today in all it's gogeous
swirl of turquoise -
I had to make a chai to celebrate -
ohhhhhh it is soooooo beautiful and
it's a HAPPY painting and is perched
right beside my laptop on my desk:)

I can't wait to find another one
of your paintings - you are such
a vivid talent with much
joy in your work:)


Karen said...

These are wonderful. I hope you enjoyed your day alone--that's very special time--glad you're enjoying it!

Kikipotamus said...

Beauuuutiful. I especially like Introspection, but they are all good. You inspire me.

bella said...

These are just beautiful! I love them.

Anonymous said...

Jessie-- I just love your style-- these paintings are so wonderful!!


Elizabeth said...

These watercolours are gorgeous ... in fact they are just too cute for words. Especially like the boat one.

You are so 'in the zone' at the moment Jessie, 'well done' to you.

Lots of love and happiness to you, from 'across the pond'.