Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Gift

"Acorn Gift"
6"x6" Original Acrylic on Canvas

"Fragile Gift"
6"x6" Original Acrylic on Canvas

"Seed Pod Gift"
6"x6" Original Acrylic on Canvas

A couple of weeks ago I received a very special gift of two bird eggs from a wonderful friend. They are so very fragile and beautiful--and have caused me to notice the natural world around me not only in finer detail, but in a more meaningful way. Early one morning, while walking wolfie and the pup, I found a mysteriously spotted seed pod and a dark, dark brown acorn. I slipped them into the warmth of my pocket and carried them home to my studio where I immediately went to work with paint brush and canvas.

To me, these paintings represent the gift of friendship, love, strength, beauty, fragility, mystery, growth...

Each item embodies the endless cycle of life and death and life. Are we really so different from an egg or an acorn or a seed pod? One can look for a long time at something, but it truly amazes me how the whole world shifts once we start paying attention.

Newest Etsy additions can be found here (more images will be up soon!).


Anonymous said...

these are lovely; i especially love the acorn one...hope you are well...

Amber said...

Beautiful. So sweet and simple in the very best way.


Maddie said...

I was thinking about your beautiful
paintings Jessie -

how they would be lovely Christmas
gift wrapped up with a little
found blessing from a wooded or
beach walk - like a feather or pebble or shell....

I will popping by your etsy later today -


Maddie said...

i can't spell - and i always
make silly typos!



Olivia said...

I love these, Jessie, and your provocative question about how we are like these pods of life!

Elizabeth said...

These are lovely.. I like the sparse simplicity. Great work.

Sharon said...

How simply beautiful! I particularly like the acorn...

Anonymous said...

hey, sweetheart.

these are awesome.

i read your artist's date post too, while i was at it, and you sounded so recharged from it... :D

may i request a phone date soon?

-i love you.

Anonymous said...

I really love these...love the quality of the light!

And I am SO happy about our coffee date today. Wonderful!