Friday, September 21, 2007

can i just leave this post untitled, please?

today i stepped on a sundial. yes, a sundial. i know you're probably thinking: how the hell does one step on a sundial? well, you see, we are getting ready for winter at the garden shop which means that we have a lot of products to rearrange, haul, flip over, cover, and generally protect from the snow and ice than i can only hope will be here soon. i was moving a bunch of (very heavy) water fountains to a more protected area in our back garden. of course, to do this, i had to move a bunch of other stuff to make room for them. including the sundial. it was grey. i sat it down next to where i was working on the grey rocks. i forgot about it, took a step back in my stupid little flip-flops, and WALLAH! F*#%ing hell. yes, it hurt. no, it wasn't the same sundial that i have so conveniently borrowed from wikipedia, but close get the picture, right?

i covered the bottom of my foot in too small bandaids and carried on. luckily i didn't need stitches. luckily i only jabbed through about ten layers of skin and it stopped there. luckily schmuckily.

but now that i'm done complaining (thank you for listening), i'll survive.

in other news...we got a big delivery of pumpkins, straw, and corn husks. good god, it was beautiful! ok, someone please tell me...when did my life get this weird??? but let's face it: pumpkins bring happiness. anyway, half our block was filled with the happiness of bright color. orange! orange orange! entire busloads of kids squealed with delight. i kid you not, the whole neighborhood lit up with smiles and excitement. strangers waved at me and smiled. i beamed smiles right back. it was wonderful and so never mind that it was in the 90's today (ok, i might be exaggerating, but it felt like it!). autumnal antisipation is in the air.

and on a non-work related note...
if i could do anything in the world, i would:
  • sew my own very cool, very funky clothes
  • paint a huge painting
  • and then another
  • and another
  • travel back to india
  • and british columbia
  • and san franciso
  • and the mountains down south (which mountains are those?) :)-
  • live in a renovated barn
  • out in the country
  • with a getaway in the city
  • take a class at MCAD
  • and the loft
  • and read approximately 500 books (or so...)
  • then write at least a dozen letters
  • fill a few journals
  • and doodle the hell out of my moleskine japanese album
  • buy lots of soap and paper
  • i'd go camping, just me and my dogs
  • drive an old truck (with louis as my cohort, of course!)
  • paint my walls blue or fuscia or red or orange or...
  • and the ceilings
  • and the floors
  • and a big, magical mural
that's a good start, anyway. what about you?


Anonymous said...

Where did you find a Japanese album?? I have looked EVERYWHERE for them!!!

Huggles to you ...

gkgirl said...

i LOVE this post...
all except hearing that you
injured yourself on a...sundial...
but the list,
oh, i love the list!
living in a renovated barn?
loooooovve that.

Kat said...

There was a time when I threw up my hands in the realization that there was not enough time in my one life to pursue all of my interests. I definitely need 10 or more lifetimes to be and do all the things I love. Oh, but that India thing.....I have to do that!


The Dream said...


I LOVE your list and I would be right there with you on most of it ... plus all mine. How cool it would be to drink some high-test java together and go over our lists! Actually, probably pretty dangerous ...

I'm off to San Fran next week - for the second time. My fave city. My daughter is going to be checking out Berkeley - her #1 choice. So, we shall see ... personally, I would LOVE that for my little hippie!

Hey, do some big paintings - NOW!!!!

deirdre said...

Oh, Ouch!! I hope your foot is feeling better today. It so sounds like something I would have done.

My list of things I want to do is about as long as yours. So many creative, earthy things to fill life with and so little time. If only I didn't have to make a living. Sigh.

megg said...

Ooh I am so sorry for your little foot - kind of poetic though, don't you think - stepping on a sundial?!

I LOVED your list - I'll have a think and maybe post my own tomorrow - but in the meantime - HEY, WOMAN - Where's my letter????

Hope you are doing well - sorry I've been so absent!


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Jessie you rock...Ow...that sounds like it hurt.

I once acccidently stapled my didn't hurt till I tried to pull it out. My friend used a staaple remover to take it out. Why didn't I think of that?

Hey I was at the annual County Fair and I about froze. It got so cold. It's usually still in the high 80s. I should have taken a coat or know if I had, the weather would have raised to triple digets. Sometimes the Universe...just messes with me. Ha!

Fab post Jessie...later.

Melba said...

oh j i hope your foots ok. maggie is sitting on my lap`making it difficult to type.

what i want is to see that new movie across the universe. it looks so cool. but i dont think i will get to see it anytime soon.

oh and i would love to have coffee with you!


laundrygirl said...

Maybe you could come to SF and we could drink lots of coffee and shop for soap and paper. I'd come to see you and go to a workshop at MCAD... I know someone who went to a workshop there this past summer. She flew from San Francisco out there to go... Wouldn't all of this be divine?

bella said...

Splendid list!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Only you would get such a symbolic injury! Am glad you are feeling better.

And your list is WONDERFUL. Do it, do it, do it!

I'm gonna call you in about a minute. :)

Loralee Choate said...

You have got to be kidding me. A freaking sundial??? This sounds like something that would happen to me.

Except I would probably go on do develop gangrene and lose my leg.


I miss you. I love your list. I loved your comments when I was over in the UK. I love that you want to paint big paintings.

I'm quite certain they would rock.

bee said...


(HUG for you)
that most definitely sucks.

i have been slowly catching up on your life, and i have a huge draft of an email saved in my computer...i'll send it when i can concentrate on more than gobbledygook.

i miss you. i love you. can we get back in contact soon? i would very much like that.

your list...mmmmmm....i'm going to go and re-absorb. sounds amazing.