Monday, December 18, 2006

Tonight the sky feels bright blue.

When I got home I opened up my mail box and was surprised by something extra wonderful. A Kristine original! And with it came a little note from her that read:
"Today my little piece of wire took a walk. It went on an adventure and in the process of being inspired it wandered over to you to be placed on your tree this Christmas--to live in your home and bask in the beauty that unfolds as you live your life today."

I took it out of the tissue that it was wrapped in and a gasp escaped my lips while a smile took over my face. I feel like Kristine's taken all the walking and wandering I've been doing lately and turned it into something beautiful--I'm looking at it like the topography of my life--and I find it amazing how a piece of wire can bring such happiness.
Its sparkle has been catching my eye all evening and each time I look at it my life feels more immediate, more buoyant, filled with more possibility. I love how artwork has a way of doing that... :)

*check out more of Kristine's artwork here.


Loralee Choate said...

That is just COOL, Jessie. It will be very at home in your abode.

Miss you!

Vesper said...


Anonymous said...

It's lovely!

swampgrrl said...

i just love when things like this happen.

what a rockin' ornament!

melba said...

Wow! So beautiful and thought-full!
I checked out her art and blog. Although it is a comfort (and I enjoy my long time blogging sisters so...) sometimes I feel like I am only visiting the same blogs over and over agian and I wonder who else is "out there" and then I will click on a link and I am blown away by the beauty and inspiration and sharing and generousity that exists in our blog world and in life!!!

sophie said...

It meanders i love it!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE you know they can be found in everything? have you seen pi? i'm so glad you got this, jess, you deserve magical ornaments in your life.

i think you should shun the "christmas" idea and let it decorate your home year-round. simply gorgeOUS.

i love you. emails and gifties and hugeass letters are coming soon...i haven't sent them yet, but i will.


Mark said...

This is very cool, Jessie. Not just the gift--the blog entry, too.

leah said...

oo la la! that is awesome. you know, it would make a gorgeous necklace too!

happy, happy holidays sweet jessie girl!