Friday, December 08, 2006

i just want to send a little message out into the world to say that i've been busy. i haven't been able to visit your blogs or respond to e-mails in the past couple days...but i miss you and i'm thinking about you. just know that.



Anonymous said...

i miss you, too, but i understand that life gets in the way sometimes...i can't wait until your return...

Anonymous said...

i miss you too.

but it's your birthday weekend *be does a happy birthdy jessie dance/wiggle/jig* so...duh, you're gonna be busy.

i'll be here...

kj said...

jessie, i am hoping your body is recuperating and your mind understands that it's a-ok to take it easy and put yourself first.

sometimes i wish you and i (and ruby too) had 90 minutes in a little cafe to chat-away about life.


Endment said...

Rest a lot and get better soon
By the way Happy Birthday

deirdre said...

I hope you're feeling better and that the busyness is the good kind. Catch up when you can.

Loralee Choate said...


melba said...

I clicked on your blog a million times to leave you a comment, but always got pulled away. It is 3:28AM and I just got home from work.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

I am glad it ended up happier with perspective and glad you are feeling better too!!! :)

I owe you an email, but not tonight...well it is actually the morning so I guess I will just say I will talk to you later.

Love you!!!