Thursday, December 21, 2006


Finally!! I am so happy I could nearly burst. There was pouring rain all morning long, but a little past noon things turned a bit dangerous as the temp. dropped below freezing. You know what that means?? SNOW!!! The second I got off work, I precariously made my way home and then immediately headed for the woods with my wolfie where the snow was so thick and heavy that branches cracked and fell into crashing heaps. Several times we watched this happen, as though in slow motion.

Our world has been transformed. And the effects are marvelous. There is such enchantment in so much white and ice and heavily bowing branches, creating contrasts made even more stunning by wet blackened tree bark and blankets of snow.

Somewhere in the middle of the woods I looked at Anu and at the trees and the ground and out over the ridge...and I felt good. No, better than good. Snow has a way of returning me to my center like nothing else can.

Today I am thankful for beauty.
And, because I want to share it with you, welcome to my woods:

and a little later in the evening, Vinny snapped this shot...

Happy Winter Solstice, friends!


sophie said...


simply breathtaking images and
i adored Vinny's glowing ethereal

enchanting indeed.

(i know i owe you an e-mail but
i have been in a nightmare
with visas and passports)

deirdre said...

Oh my goodness. I've never been in snow like that. It's so beautiful. You must be loving it. Stay cozy and warm inside. Happy Solstice to you as well.

Kristine said...

WoW! It's incredible. Magical. It reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia. Yet - you live there! Man, what a blessing! And look at your sweet dog, right at home in the middle of it...

swampgrrl said...

hey girl. your pictures are gorgeous. you and anu must have had a blast. thanks for sharing!

i'm wondering if we will get any snow. it's been so balmy here in new jersey. i'll just keep looking at your pictures for my dose of the white stuff.

three cheers for snow!

melba said...

Beautiful pictures. what a Wonderful Way to celebrate!
Is that my bench? When I see your photos I always wonder if that is the bench you wrote my letter at. :)

FYI - I emailed you an auther invite for the Create a Connection blog. Some other hosts it took me a few times to get their email right or the host invitation ended up in spam. Let me know!


leah said...

oo la la! what a sight! your dog looks right at home amidst the white fluffy stuff. happy, happy solstice to you, beautiful girl!

Jen(nifer) said...

Perfect. I could not be more happy foryou! And JEALOUS for myself! No snow forecasted in Buffalo....sigh!

Anonymous said...


liz elayne said...

these pictures seem magical to me. i miss that midwest snow. that first excitement of a big snowfall each year. and your excitement is contagious.

Shannon said...

Great pics!!! YAY for snow!! It looks so beautiful and cozy and magical!

I wish it would snow a bit here,... forcast was for rain! How crazy is that?