Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of 2006

I woke up late and, at the moment, I'm savoring these few minutes of quite time to myself before it's gone. Ahhh, sweet silence. December 31st...and it's raining outside. I've just brewed myself a cup of Mexican coffee in the French press. Mmmmm...there is nothing like the strongly brewed flavor of a light roasted coffee on a quiet, raining winter morning. Granted, it should be snowing, not raining...but I'll give up my expectations of winter for just a moment to enjoy the drip, drip, dripping sounds outside my window.

...and so the day begins. I hear the shuffle, shuffle of morning feet. First Vinny. Then my mom. She's here for the weekend to celebrate her birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!). The quiet has ended...
...pour another cup of coffee.
Good morning, everyone.


Susannah said...

Happy New Year lovely one, i hope your 2007 is filled with fabulous things :- xo

Anonymous said...

good morning, jessie! you've been on my mind a lot over the holidays, and i hope to send a nice, long email soon.
i hope 2007 brings you much joy and happiness!

Vesper said...

happy new year!!!!

and happy birthday, mom!

Kristine said...

Happy New Year!