Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sick again...for the 2nd time since moving. What the heck? My only guess is that it's the constant fight with allergies...allergies that I never used to have. Argh.

In more interesting news, I started work at the flower shop yesterday. Totally unexpectedly. V. dropped me off at the coffee shop, where I wait for 2 hours before starting my first job, and while I was there I decided to check my e-mail (which I don't usually even do). The boss of job #2 had sent a message confirming that I would be starting that day (yesterday). What?! Here I had been waiting for the past week and a half to hear from her when I would start and beginning to wonder if I even still had the job in the first place.

I looked like crap in my old brown pants and hooded thermal shirt. Well, crap for a first day of work anyway. Not to mention, I wasn't feeling well and I had to walk the 45 minutes between job #1 and job #2 in order to work both places without a car. I mumbled curses under my breath the whole way. It was hot. My pants were shrunk too short. My throat hurt. I felt fat. I didn't have any lipstick. There was too much traffic. My shoes felt clunky.

BUT--I will say that once I got there and actually got started...I enjoyed it a lot. Even in my sick state of body and mind. I came home with a fever and a sore throat from hell. I'm still sick and have to work again all day today (because I don't feel like I can call in sick for the 2nd day of a new job--ugh, it's not fair!).

One of my biggest worries (or more like a feeling of dread) was that the customers (excuse me, I mean "clientele") would be snobby, bitchy, and mean (since this is what the owner warned me they would be like--except she used the words "ego-tripping" and "intimidation"). They drip with money. But so far, I've found that they are as nice to me as I am to them. One couple even came back later just so that I could meet their dog. Another woman wanted my name so that I could work with her again next time.

The weirest part is just working in a flower shop again--especially one where I'm the new girl. I grew up in a flower shop. It feels like someone switched the stage out from under me and completely redid the set design, but it's basically the same play...and I'm supposed to carry on as though nothing happened while simultaniously playing a new part.

*(btw, if I owe you an e-mail or haven't visited your blog in awhile, please forgive me. i think i may be temporarily out of commision). not to mention, my computer fried while i was at work (why am i having so much bad luck in one day?)!!! this old laptop is like a grinding dinosaur and takes forever just to load a page...)


Jen(nifer) said...

Sorry you are not feeling well...I feel your pain, I can't seem to get rid of my cold/allergies since I moved either!

bee said...

oh, poo. that sucks that you're sick, sweetie. i hope you feel better soon.

take care of yourself. (love)

deirdre said...

I hope you feel better soon. It's crummy to have to work when you're sick. Sounds like the new job has potential to be fun.

gkgirl said...

aww that sucks to be sick
especially when starting a new job.

i've often wondered what it must
be like to work in a flower shop,
if i would like it as much
as i assume i would like it

hope you are feeling better
very very soon!

sophie said...

Jessie - it is crystal clear to
me that you will have a completely
fresh view of the customers -

no ego-stripping for you as you
are inspiring and warm and
bright - and the customers will
probably buy more flowers just to
hang around your aura and
sweet ways:)
have chicken stock with lots of
garlic. Not hot. Kills the garlic

sophie said...

...oh and an epson salt bath:)


Signora B. said...

Sorry your feeling sick.Sounds like the same bug ,that has held me hostage for a couple of weeks. I have been drinking lots of Chamomile ,Peppermint and Gypsy coldcare tea. It seems to be helping.
Having worked in Retail for years ,I too feel ,if a person is treated with kindness and respect ,they will react like wise.
Get well ,and enjoy your jobs.

likearadio said...

feel better, lady. some of us out here are beginning to depend on your posting. :)

Kristine said...

sorry to hear that you are sick
and that your computer has died
GLAD to hear that you are pleasantly surprised by your new job!

kj said...

sometimes it's funny and unexpected when you jump into someone's blog mid way. i didn;t know you have a background in florist shops. sounds like you are going to be special sun-flower working there!

hope you're feeling better. i keep thinking of my move a year ago and how long it can take to get the "flow" of life back in synch.

Tammy said...

I've been battling cold/allergies since September...it sucks! What a trooper with two jobs, feeling sick, one car and slow computer!

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that you're sick! i never had allergies until i moved out here either. glad to hear the new job is going well and that you are being treated well...i hope it continues!

liz elayne said...

i hope you feel better soon! i am sick myself and in my middle of the night insomnia sleepiness i am cracking up at the thought of your laptop as a dinosaur. old laptops=laptopsaurus or some such thing.

anyway, hope you are doing better when you read this!

Colorsonmymind said...

I had the same sickness-I think allergies-but don't know because if they are allergies-they are new-and it sucked.
Hope you are feeling better.

Glad you are back in a play you are familiar with-and the clientele are nice.