Thursday, October 05, 2006

cat nap therapy.

These days, setting my alarm for 7am feels like sleeping in. But when it went off this morning I couldn't figure out what day it was and who the alarm was set for--me or Vinny? Finally coming to the conclusion that it is Thursday and the alarm was indeed for me, I got up only to go downstairs, put on my warmest, thickest, fuzziest robe and laid down on the couch--dangerously--with no snooze. I woke up 39 minutes later with Viscosa curled up in a tight little ball next to me and felt at least half of whatever sickness that has been plaguing me, disappear.

If only I could have another 39 minutes.


bee said...

i. know. exactly. what. you. mean.

coffee, girl. it's all about the turbo-sized cup of coffee.

Loralee Choate said...

I cannot fathom 7 am on a regular basis.

Everyone said I would get "Used to" morning hours when I had kids.

They lie.

gkgirl said...

the alarm always
much too soon...

hope you are feeling 100%!!!

Anonymous said...

only a test