Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the results are in....

ok...so the "before" photo does not exist because i have not yet trained myself to carry my camera with me at ALL times! maybe someday i will learn.

(drum roll please...)

here are the "AFTER" photos.

thank you dear punk-rock-beauty-school-boy for the nice haircut.
his hands shook despite the $900.00 pair of scissors he was using...but what can i say? my ears are still attached, my hair looks much better than it did before, and the free facial and scalp massage was divine!

today was my lucky day.

i guess i should hang out at bob's java hut more often.
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...because this is proof that the haircut was a good idea. ha!

oh, and by the way...
this is my cool jazz cat, viscosa.she wanted to get her picture taken, too.


Anonymous said...

okay. I GOT MY HAIR CUT TODAY TOO. how weird is that? but seriously, you look DIVINE. short hair really suits you. and oh, my goodness, it feels like i've been stalking your blog the past few days, hoping there would be something new up, and when there was two...i nearly drooled. :) yummy, yummy jessie.

p.s. yummy viscosa, too.

Jessie said...

hahaha! :) YaY for haircuts! are we cosmically connected, or what?!

Anonymous said...

smooches, sugar. (we're online at the same time...)

i wanna mail you a care package. could you send me your address??

ooh, jessie. love you, girl.

Loralee Choate said...

That ROCKS. You look great.

I also must state:

There is a coffee shop in MN that you haven't been in before????!

Endment said...

Good for you !!!
Now where is that java hut? I really need a haircut :)

Leah said...

love, love, love the haircut. i wish my hair looked cute like that when short!

i've just been catching up on old posts here and i'm excited for you. your book of stories about india...will it be paired with paintings? perhaps that's a way to approach writing the stories, one to pair with each painting? just thinking out loud. feel free to ignore. :-)

jen said...

granted, i don't think i ever saw your old hairdo, but this one is beautiful on you. you have a great face with lovely features, so you can pull it off.

Anonymous said...

you look GREAT -- it's a pixie cut! I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

OK you always had awesome hair, but I LOVE THIS!

love this...

melba said...

I just wrote a comment on my own blog back to you. I am feeling such a high tonight from your comment.

I never really understood before when people said that they connect better with animals than people, but I understand now.
I understand you.

I LOVE your haircut.

My hair is longer than it has ever been. This weekend my sister said I should get it cut because it looks too hippy-ish. I know I need a trim because I haven't had it cut all year, but I am not sure I should give up the length and if I do I want to donate my hair to locks of love...which is making me drag my feet because once I call them I can't change my mind.

I am glad you had a dream about me. I think the power of our minds is so unharnessed.

I see Kat must have read some of your posts more carefully than I do because she knew you were writing stories about India. I must have missed that specific. Is this what you are writing for Nano (I think that is the name)?

Much Love,

Kristine said...

You look pretty. Great haircut.
Don't you just love little things like that - getting a free haircut and not knowing what it'll look like, yet taking the leap and looking fabulous?
Ahh, life's good.

Mark said...

Looking good, Jessie.

Jamie said...

Awesome cut! You're stylin', girl! Way to shake, punk rock boy!

tara dawn said...

Love the new do...you are absolutely stunning darlin!
love you,

sophie said...

perfectly pixie-ish and
and girly cute too.

love the cat:)

Colorsonmymind said...

The hair cut is fantastic on you! And it was free-wow I rarely like hair cuts I get spending a small fortune.LOL.