Tuesday, October 24, 2006

free haircut!

i just dropped my nephew off at school and am, at the moment, sitting in a coffee shop that i've never been to before.

i was just sitting here drinking a big, fat, wonderful latte and writing an e-mail when a punk-rocker looking guy walked up to me and asked me if i would be a model and get a free haircut at his hair stylist school. ha! these are the little things that make me love living in a city. i have to be there in a half an hour. wish me luck! then again, i could use an interesting haircut. and free--hey...i'm willing to take chances!


Jamie said...

Wow, what fun! I love that you're diving in and doing that, you adventurous spirit, you! Good luck and be sure to post pictures. Hey, you can now say you've been scouted as a model!

And thanks for sharing the word verification - that was totally amazing!

Anonymous said...

i am such a chicken -- i probably would have said no to a free haircut. i really need to work on taking more risks...hope you post a pic when you're done!

Jana B said...

WOW! I always see you post at Melba's blog but I don't think I'd ever visited you before! I LOVE the Indian theme you use on your blog!!!! I'm semi-obsessed with that country!

Good luck with the haircutting adventure!!!!

gkgirl said...

wooo hooo...i can't wait
to hear and see the results!
and i so would have done the same!