Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday pleasures.

Today my sister called at 7:30 in the morning to tell me that she was taking her dogs, Charlie and Olive, for a walk and that I should meet her halfway in the woods. We now live within walking distance of each other and the quickest way between point A and point B is through the woods. It's hard to describe with words (at least without using too many adjectives) the sheer magnitude of magic that this place possesses.

I walk out my door, across the street, through a small break in the foliage, into a magic clearing, and down a deer trail until I meet a main path that splits in 3 directions (not including the many winding side trails). If I follow the path to the right it goes past ponds and meadows, through green grasses, under old oaks, and eventually to a lake. If I go straight it leads me to the wildflower gardens and a trickling creek. If I go left it brings me through a series of hills down a shadowed path surrounded by towering trees--this is the way to my sister's house. Each time Anu and I walk, we find a new part of the park we have not yet explored. But calling it a "park" or "woods" does the place a great injustice. Both lack something--they are words incapable of capturing what it is. No, not a "park" or "the woods" is a forest--in all magical sense of the word.

And maybe someday I'll be able to describe the places where I walk a little bit better. But for now I am too busy simply soaking it all in. These days I like to pretend I'm a sprite or a gnome...or better, I'm just a girl with a dog--happily lost in a beautiful forest.

Today was the first day that Anu walked with Charlie and Olive. Of course, that made for 2 girls and 3 dogs happily lost in a beautiful forest. And now Anu has 2 new best friends. Life is good for everyone.

Afterwards, with tired dogs and a still sleeping Vinny at home, my sister and I continued on to the Saturday Market. This is one of the things I've been looking forward to. It was grey and drizzly and a perfect day for enjoying a still-quiet city. I bought flowers and homemade organic sheep cheese for Vinny and my sister added the bottle of wine she had meant to give us earlier.

Life feels colorful and full and so well-rounded that I hardly know what to make of it.

I spent the rest of the day alternately between unpacking, visiting, cooking, playing frisbee, sitting in the back yard with Vinny, and more unpacking.

Slowly (oh so slowly) the house is starting to take shape. Despite the brief interludes of fun I had today, I managed to almost entirely unpack another room--yes, and an important one--my writing room! Well, not all of it, but the most important part anyway: my favorite books.

Welcome to a little corner of my world.

I am happy here.


Endment said...

What happy words
A delight to find such happy magic in your life...
I am glad for you

swampgrrl said...

oh, i'm so jealous that you can meet your sister half-way in the woods. i would love to be able to do that with my sister....some day.

beautiful photographs...

tara dawn said...

And I am SO happy for you! Doors and windows opening all around...the light streaming into yours is reaching me across all these miles...thank you!
Love you,

paris parfait said...

Jessie, I'm so pleased that your new home is turning out to be everything you'd dreamed and more! It sounds gorgeous, inspiring, peaceful and fun! And how wonderful to be able to walk through lovely woods to meet your sister and go to the market together. Anu must be in doggie heaven, too. Great photos - your house is really shaping up in a hurry! Lovely post.

bee said...

what a beautiful glimpse into your new life - i'm happy that things are working out for you. i can't imagine the wonder that would fill me if MY sister and i lived only a forest's walk away from each other.
thank you for sharing...

liz elayne said...

this is wonderful. how gorgeous this "woods" near your house sounds...and the choice of the three paths...well, that is a book on it itself.
so glad you sound so happy and content. and love this glimpse into your writing room!

kj said...

jessie, sounds like you are home.what could feel better than that?

i moved to western mass. just one year ago and your words capture my experience. i love where i am: butterflies, fresh corn on the cob, a love of the land, and my own writing room.

i will follow your adventures!


Kristine said...

All of it sounds deliciously delightful and fulfilling on so many levels! I am happy for you and excted for all that you will discover.
I love the photos you have shared since your move too.

deirdre said...

A magical forest and a writing room. Mmmm. What more could a girl want? As for the domesticity of ironing - I love making home and taking care of the details - there's something so intimate and nurturing about doing those things. I think you can iron and be a feminist too. Happy forest exploring.

Belle said...


As for the ironing, consider it a kindness.

The walk with your sister is priceless.

Love the look of your books.