Wednesday, August 09, 2006

20 things I like best about living here:

  1. Burning my toast because I'm having too much fun playing the old black piano that occupies our living room.
  2. Waking up early and walking with Anu through Sherwood Forest (aka "the park").
  3. Driving around in my little lime green Honda Element, dropping off resumes all over town, jamming out to Corinne Baley Rae, and (amazingly!) not getting lost even once.
  4. Having a neighborhood "market." I just like saying, in my very best sing-song voice: "Oh Vinn-eee, I'm going to the market!"
  5. Watching the cats spread themselves out on the bedroom floor upstairs, roll around, and play with each other. They are so content here. They make me feel the same way.
  6. Seeing Vinny pull up in front of the house after running an errand--even if he's only been gone for a few minutes. I just like seeing him pull up, then walk through the door--as though I hadn't seen him in a long time.
  7. The green floor, green tiles, and green ivy covering the windows in the kitchen. The color reminds me of growth and good health.
  8. The echoey sound in my writing room--complete with white walls, hardwood floors, and lots of books. This room feels calm and simple. Music sounds good in here.
  9. Speaking of white walls...every room in this house is painted white. At first I didn't know if I'd be able to handle this much white because, as an adult, I've NEVER lived in a place that wasn't rich in color. In our last rental the walls were green, grey, peach, brown, and an oddly pleasing salmon color. In the house before that, there was fuscia, orange, electric blue, cinnamon brown, sage green, red, and golden yellow (in different rooms, of course!). Turns out white is the biggest novelty of all! Who would have known? It sets off my paintings quite nicely and feels fresh and open. It makes me look forward to winter snow.
  10. The drawing table that looks out the window and into the park. I can watch the deer and draw at the same time while my cat sits next to me watching too.
  11. The gourmet olive bar at Byerly's.
  12. How friendly people are everywhere I go--or is it just because I'm in such a good mood?
  13. Listening to music in bed while I write before going to sleep. I feel contained, like I've made myself at home in a big, warm nest.
  14. Speaking of the bedroom, I love, love, love taking naps with the ceiling fan turned on high. The room is big and the ceilings slanted. I love the whir of the fan combined with golden afternoon light--perfect for cat naps that make me feel transported on a down comforter cloud.
  15. The laundry shoot in the bathroom. It's just too much fun to hear my dirty clothes go shwoop! out of sight, out of mind.
  16. Cardinals singing from the pine tree. They very, very rarely travel as far north as Bemidji.
  17. Japaleno cream cheese from Bruegger's Bagels.
  18. The Minneapolis skyline.
  19. The sky--especially at sunset. It follows me everywhere and is the one constant in my life.
  20. Going places and not knowing a soul. It feels pretty dang good being anonymous.


kerry said...

you sound like you're in such a great space literally and emotionally... i definitely believe location can have a major effect on how at peace we can feel inside. i love your #13!

Anonymous said...

corrine bailey rae and bruegger's jalapeno cream cheese?! my, jessie, you really are a kindred spirit...

gkgirl said...

i feel a huge
sense of relaxation
just from reading this...

i'm so happy things
are going well for you!

deirdre said...

This list makes me want to come live with you. LOL I've only lived in houses with white or off-white walls for my adult life. Except for the last 8 months or so in my last rental when the owners allowed me to paint as long as it wasn't too dark or bright. Now I'm working on Richard to get a little color into this house. Sigh. I absolutely drool over pictures of saturated color on walls.

Kristine said...

Oh my!
It all sounds so delightful! It sounds incredible. I am amazed and excited at being able to witness your dreams come to life.

bee said...

i echo all these comments. your happiness is contagious and i love feeling it bubble off this page and into my heart. i'm so happy your home is so unique, so peaceful, so YOU. i know the amazing feeling when you finally do come HOME.
(and thanks for the hug. it was muchly, muchly appreciated.)

Mark said...

jessie, I'm not a city guy, but as cities go, Minneapolis is special. It has an all around creative energy combined with an acceptance of diversity and weirdness that makes it a very cool place. You will fit in there very easily, and live well.

tara dawn said...

I love reading about all these things you love about your new brings me even more excitement about my upcoming move. And the white sentiments exactly. I've always had that urge to paint my home with vibrant colors...I think this time I'm sticking with white and letting the colors of my life fill the fresh slates.
Btw, you have mail coming to you. Be on the lookout.
Love you and huge hugs!!

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paris parfait said...

This sounds like such a wonderful place for you to be, Jessie! I'm so glad you and Vinny are happy there and finding more delights to celebrate every day! xo

Endment said...

Your pen seems to have a new color and direction... I am so glad for you :)

Tammy said...

You sound so happy :) I was loving the list and felt the joy in every one of them. You paint with such beautiful, vibrant color of corse they look great on your new canvas.


Tammy said...

I forgot something, I came in through the back door and noticed "harold & Maude" is a favorite. I loved that movie! LOL