Thursday, May 04, 2006

Switching gears.

I've spent the past several days living in my brain and books. Writing, writing, writing.

Today I will switch gears and start reading--student papers. However, I plan to have fun with this. I'm packing up and heading to the coffee shop. And when I get there I look forward to learning about what 22 students have to teach me. Grading papers is hard work, but in the end it always turns out to be a pretty good deal. I'm amazed by the strange things I know because of what they've written about.


Jennifer (she said) said...

I have a stack of bluebooks in a plastic bag waiting for me to grade them (final papers). I keep walking past them and pretending they aren't there. I like to grade my papers in coffee houses too. I stay much more on task than I do when I'm at home. Are your students writing creative work? What do you teach?

Pollard said...

You see, that's how I know you are going to be a great professor: you are expecting to learn from your students, from students at every level and every background.

Teaching, in my opinion, isn't simply teaching. It's a learning experience, and always should be...