Monday, May 22, 2006

summer work.

I can tell that I worked a desk job all body is a stiff and sore in every possible way. However, I can't complain about my summer source of income. I'm working independently; I make my own hours; I get to spend some one else's money; and I get to do something I enjoy. It's temporary work--but that's just fine because that is all I want it to be. I suppose the professional sounding name for my job would be "interior designer." But in all reality it is not as prestigious as that because what it boils down to is that I'm rescuing the flower shop from some serious neglect. I haven't technically worked there in 2 years...and in that time it has deteriorated in too many ways to count. They've been too busy to keep it up (or...never mind)...and so I will work my magic one last time before I leave it for good.

I meant to take before and after photos...but I forgot to take the "before"...oh well. The nice thing is that improvement is guaranteed. I've been hauling and painting and going up and down stairs all weekend. My obsessive personality kicks in when I take on physical projects and so I've been working 12 hour days, but enjoying it. I think I had some major steam to burn off...or something. All I know is that hard physical work makes it much easier to relax at the end of the day... and at the beginning of it too.

Yesterday I painted the upstairs "Baltic Green"...which is, in other words, robin's egg blue. I love it--such a calming color. I'll be painting another wall slate grey, and yet another sexy, poppy flower red. Did I mention that I love painting walls? And then there's the sari fabric...oooh!

But I'm bored writing about it. I like creating spaces that evoke emotion--a sense of peacefulness, desire, creativity--but let's face's something to do, not to write about.

For now, I have some wonderful, sweet reading to do (oh glory, personal reading time!).

There is sunshine. Life is good.


Laura said...

I love painting walls too. Maybe it is the sensation of creating when our minds don't have to work so damb hard! :) Isn't it lovely to have personal reading time? I have that now, too. Yay for us!

Loralee Choate said...


You can't be tired of writing about it! You just got to the fun part.

I think you should come to Utah and help me redecorate my living room!


Maggie said...

Ohmygosh your energy makes me energized. I'm spending what will probably be my last summer at home, but I'm still aching to re-do my little room and now I want you to come help me with it! haha if only...I've never painted before but after Morocco the colors are calling my name.

Tammy said...

I have a whole house to paint inside, it's a blank slate. I have to start picking colors and I'm lost! Jessie help me!!!! Does visiting Lake Tahoe sound appealing? LOL

tara dawn said...

I'm so glad to hear you enjoying life so much. Wonderful what hard physical labor can do for the know I totally agree on this one. Wish I could be there painting with you!

paris parfait said...

I'm with you, Jessie. Sometimes painting walls can be very Zen-like - but hard work! Decorating is fun, but also tiring - especially if you're lugging things around. Am looking forward to seeing the "after" photos of your creative endeavours. I'm glad you're also finding time to read and write, as your talent deserves nourishment.

Mark said...


I'm stiff everywhere, too. This happens every spring. The paper reading leaves me locked up from desk time. Then doing things like hauling boats and mowing lawn and riding bike and playing golf all in one day makes me stiff in an entirely different way. It gets better, though. You, at least, will be able to see the results in the flower shop.

gkgirl said...

love the sounds of the colors...


and what are you reading?
(can't beat time for "personal"
reading, woohoo!)


Jessie said...

gkgirl: i'm reading Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Next I'll The Secret Life of Bees--I've been looking forward to reading both for a long time now.

Loralee, Maggie, Tammy, and Tara Dawn: I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish!! :)

laura and paris: yes!

Mark: I'm glad to hear that it gets better. And I'm also imagining these strange summer exercise regimens becoming a habit in my future. It does feel good. In many ways, physical work is so much easier than mental work.