Sunday, May 14, 2006


Oh wait...I don't know what to write about first. Should I write about my shoes--like I've been meaning to all week? Or should I write about the books I would write? Or about our trip to Minneapolis? Heck, I could even read a book or watch a movie or rearrange this room. feels ripe with options these days. And I must admit, it is a very good feeling.

Ok, I'll start with our venture out of town. No, I haven't been sleeping for the past 3 days, although it would have felt good. Instead, V. and I went down to the cities to deliver a painting that I sold earlier in the year, hang out with my brother and sister, and start house hunting.

As for houses, we came across some terrific "almosts." The biggest problem we're having is that we're looking to rent in the best neighborhoods for the least price. Obviously we're not making it easy on ourselves...but who knows--we have all summer to look and I refuse to give up hope this early in the game (oh, doesn't that sound optimistic of me?!).

Since Anu is half wolf and the center of my concerns, I refuse to live anywhere that she won't be happy. If my dog's not happy, I'm not happy. Simple as that. We walk her often, but in Minnesota, 75% of the year consists of darkness. I don't want to live anywhere that I don't feel safe walking her alone at night. We also are hoping for a yard with a fence. Problem we're running into is that rentals in the city are mostly duplexes...and we don't want to worry about how the neighbors get along with a big dog that likes to jump on people. We would also like to live close enough to my sister so that it's convenient for her kids to come over whenever they want...that is, after all, a large part of the reason we're moving there in the first place. If the dog is happy, the kids are happy, and the cats are happy--then all we need is just enough space for 2 offices and a studio in order to call it good. Is this starting to sound like a tall order, or what?!! Ok, let me recap our wants needs:
  1. Fenced in yard
  2. Safe neighborhood
  3. Convenient commute to my sister's and jobs (preferably on a bus-line)
  4. 2-3 bedroom
  5. Allows pets (1 big dog, 2 cats)
  6. At least somewhat affordable
  7. Hell, while we're at it, we'd like to live next door to a big park too.
Does anyone know where this place is? Actually, we found this perfect place--except for the affordable part. I think I should start wishing for good jobs while I'm at it. Who knows--the universe works in mysterious ways. Anything is possible.

Proof of this point is that my painting is now hanging in the home of an architect with a very impressive art collection. It's hanging approximately 6 feet away from the paintings of a famous Mexican artist and halfway across the room from an extremely talented Mnpls artist. Not to mention, the house itself is a work of art! Needless to say, my lil' ol' painting has found a very good home.

...Now I can only hope that we will too.

Did I mention how really fabulous it feels to be done with school? Yes, it really-really does. The best part is wondering what I want to do next. Ah, sweet heaven.

These, by the way, are the culprits in our decision to move to Mnpls.
Now really--how could we resist?!?


Kristine said...

Did you try Craigslist?
We found two apartments through this site.

Amber said...

I've been reveling in the freedom to choose how I spend my time, too. Ahhh.

Also, I agree with Kristine. Eric and I have checked out Craigslist, and some of the places looked very promising.

Jessie said...

I didn't know about Craigslist. Thanks for the tip! :)

Belle said...

Wonderful about your painting. Thats a really good feeling and quite an accomplishment.

paris parfait said...

You must be thrilled to have your painting go to someone with good taste! Congrats! Good luck with the house search; I'm sure the right one will appear in your path. Adorable photo!

erin said...

yay - good to see a post from you - and to see your face! i'm glad you're revelling in your freedom :)

wanderer said...

The great thing about walking big dogs in the city is that no one will mess with you. Really, who wants to challenge someone who's got a half-wolf as a best friend? No one. I noticed this walking around the south side of Chicago in the middle of the night; you see these young, fragile looking girls walking these massive canines, and of course, despite the shadiness of the neighborhood, you just know that she will be quite safe.

Dana said...

So glad you are done with school, and thrilled your painting found a lovely home. (I think it will still miss you, though.)

liz elayne said...

you sound so excited and happy to be done...this is fantastic! and your painting sounds like it has found its home.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled about the painting...congratulations!

When will you be moving to Mpls? I'll be there in the middle of June...eek! We're living near Uptown. Hope we can meet! :)

Tammy said...

I wish you could come see your painting hanging on my wall. lol The kids are too cute and make family a blessing and FUN!

Good luck in finding the perfect place :)