Monday, March 07, 2005

Tonight while driving home...

... I saw a shooting star and then a coyote. Both ran across the road. The coyote, the second I've seen 3 days, or maybe the same?

Keeping me from saying: I give up.

Instead I will go to bed and hope that tomorrow works out a little bit better. Light a candle for the muses and hope that a possession takes place. Virginia Woolf... I'm calling you.


a dyke ... said...

May Sarton and I communed on Sunday morning ... a definite possession occurred.

Jessie said...

Hey good for you! That was a healthy stack of books you had in your arms the other day!

I'm still waiting for my possession to take place. Too bad wigi (sp?)boards scare me. I'm still floating around in space...trying too hard.