Sunday, March 27, 2005

This morning.

This morning I got up to 2 cats and a dog licking my fingers simultanously. Meowing, stretching, and sighing expectantly. I went outside to let Abe out and say good morning to the woolfie when a flock of little song birds flew by, stopped at the empty feeders and flew away while the white tails of 8 healthy deer crashed past not a hundred yards away, down into the swamp. Such a beautiful ruckus it all created, the sound of deer legs swishing through frozen grasses, breaking through brush with loud cracks, brown and grey birds splintering the air in a multitude of wings. I held dog collars and watched, but they sat quietly, watching too. Silence returned.

Filling the bird feeders for the first time in weeks, I wished the birds would come back. But they are gone. Owing nothing to a winters worth of neglect.

And now, I think it is raining out. Today I need to DO without worrying about what needs to be DONE. Otherwise I'm afraid I might run off into the woods chasing deer... and maybe never return.

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J*me said...

Jessie I found you! :)