Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sunshine walks and the Triple X...

Today was a day that should have been spent outside. And luckily my truck was broken... so I was forced to walk. I say forced, because otherwise I would have driven everywhere due to a heavy load of books that I seem to think I need with me at all times, books that, today, where left behind. I walked this moring from my dad's (where I slept lastnight due to the broken truck), to the coffee shop, to the gallery, later walked to get lunch and back, and again from the gallery to school. Ah, felt good.

But what feels even better is having a show hung in the brand new Triple X Gallery at the BCAC. The Basement Studio artists, myself and 5 others, have hung our work together. And I must say: wow! We look good together! (although I must admit I wish I had better NEW work--an ongoing desire). But it is not often that 6 individuals can come together at the last minute and create a cohesive show. And in a beautiful space to top it off!

A day of art, good company, and warm weather... what more could I ask for?

But now... it is time for bed. If only it were earlier... the day would be made perfect with 8 hours of sleep. ha!

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