Thursday, March 03, 2005

don't forget to write.

I am feeling restricted in two ways (in terms of writing).
#1 time
#2 self-censorship.

I haven't figured out how to resolve the first one in a reasonable manner. And as for the second, I guess I should just get out my journal made of paper. But my life feels a little disjointed and writing in several places makes it feel even more so. Which means that often I don't write about certain things at all. Mildly important thoughts that I find myself wishing I could write about.

But on another note...Ashleigh is in town. It was good to see her. Yesterday we sat in the art lounge and talked and laughed. I felt more relaxed than I have in a long time. I left feeling incredibly inspired. And this morning we met for coffee. Sat in the sunshine with big mugs, surrounded by a friend's art, and enjoyed each other's company. An alter world in comparison of where I sit now. How nice it was.

But as for the rest that I've been thinking about will have to wait until I someday have time.

Reminder to myself: write about everything. ha!

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