Saturday, January 17, 2009

JOURNEY--7 little letters to remind you that the journey is the destination

At the moment I am snuggled in bed with Vinny's laptop and my cat, Viscosa, laying across my chest. She's warm and gives me the odd sensation of being anchored to something simple. Her purring makes me sleepy, unlike the chamomile tea that is just beyond reach.

For the past couple days I have been thinking a lot about the word "journey." It is a word that I intended on writing about yesterday, but it seems that my own journey got in the way. I once read that to journey means to move forward with courage. Yesterday I risked everything to follow my truth. And, in doing so, everything and nothing has changed. It's funny how things have a way of working out like that.

This past week I have been thinking about Jamie's writing prompt for 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women. Where am I on my journey? The terrain has shifted so many times in the past several months that, right now, I am finding the need to stop and take in my surroundings. From here, it appears beautiful and strenuous, like a good place to rest and get ready for what's next, all at once.

There is a saying, "the journey is the destination." Today I am feeling those words for all they are worth. I am feeling my journey from the inside out.

As Confucius once said: "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart."

And I am reminding myself that the rest will take care of itself. Life itself is such a strange journey. And I've decided that an authentic life is the strangest journey of all.

These letters are part of an ongoing project:
"WORD OF THE DAY :: living life one word at a time."
Today's word is JOURNEY.
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Samosas for One said...

What truth did you follow and what did you risk?

~Barb~ said...

Go with all your heart. Deep thinking there.
Peace & Love,

kj said...

i love how you are doing this, jessie. it's a treat every day!

Connie said...

Journey!! Are you sure you're not really thinking of the old 80's band that sang all those rockin' romantic tunes like "Faithfully" and "Don't Stop Believing" and who could forget the song that went "When the lights go down in the city"?? I can read between the lines and pull out a couple long hairs and a few flakes of dried aqua net!!!

Ok. I'll quit.

Seriously---I've been thinking so much about the journey too. The experience, the adventure, the endeavor to find truth...not the hair band!!

This was a beautiful post Jessoe!!

Peace & Love.