Friday, January 23, 2009

COURAGE--7 little letters to help you follow your fascinations...

Secret #3 of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women is "Following Your Fascinations." And I am honored to have had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed by the fabulous Jamie. I invite you to listen to it here. I love seeing her project grow in such a dynamic way. She followed her fascinations and--wowzers!-- I am so glad that she did!

This chapter, for me, has special meaning. Not only because it was the focus of my interview, but because it deeply reflects so many of the issues floating around in my creative life. As I listened to the interview I was amazed by how many messages there were for me in my words...messages that I needed to hear, things I need to remember. Especially the part about following my energy and creating from a place that feels true to my heart.

My word for the day is COURAGE--and I am choosing that word in celebration of following our fascinations. Why? Because sometimes it takes a helluva lot of courage to follow the tug of our heart. It takes courage to take a chance, to change directions, or to try something new. It definitely takes courage to chart your own course. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), the creative life never comes with a set of instructions. Of course, if it did, it wouldn't be creative!

From this week's chapter, there is one quote in particular that grabbed my attention and doesn't seem to want to let go:
"And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more."
~Erica Jong, Writer.

There's one question that I love the most in this chapter and that is: Are you ready to follow your fascinations?

Maybe I like this question because, for me, it's an easy one. My answer, without a doubt, is yes-yes-yes! Ok...the question might provide an easy answer--but, let's face it, following our fascinations takes more bravery than anything else I know of.

These days I find my fascinations leading me down a path inspired by my love for dogs. Following my fascinations feels like following a string. It's there--always there--but it can break, it can go slack, it can get tangled...lots of things can happen to that string. But when I'm really, really onto something...I feel that string stretch out in front of me. It's taut and energized. It's like finding a string in the dirt and, when you pull on the end, up comes more and more and more...and you just keep following it and the further you follow it, the more mesmerizing it becomes!

Right now my string is leading me to India where I would like to immerse myself in the world of stray dogs. When I think about this project, my heart weighs more, I get the sensation of being filled from the inside out. It is similar to the sensation one feels the moment right before laughter or tears. When I feel that sensation, that's when I know I'm on to something. That's when I notice the string.

Secret #3, "Following Your Fascinations," dives deep into the nitty-gritty of what it means to move from your center and make decisions based on your truth. When our fascinations gets real, it gets scary. The more it matters, the scarier it becomes. The more it matters, the more important it is. The more important it is, the more it's worth the risk. This chapter is about perserverance. It's about risk taking. It's about screwing up and having faith. Most importantly, it's about having the courage to manifest things that do not yet exist.

My other favorite quote from this chapter is this one:
"If you can put fear aside, you're unstoppable."
~Janet Hagberg Writer and Activist.

Just think of how much we're each capable of if we put fear aside. Just think where we would be if we did this over and over and over again!

We really are capable of manifesting absolutely everything we dream of--but first we need to take a step toward it. And then another step...and another and another.

Here's to being open to the journey.
Here's to celebrating the process.
Heres's to making good decisions,
but forgiving yourself when you make ones that don't work out.
Here's to living from the inside out.
Here's to courage and the evolution that accompanies it.
As the card on my desk says, "don't be 'fraid of nuthin."

May your fascinations lead you to the center of yourself. Over and over and over again.

These letters are part of an ongoing project:
"WORD OF THE DAY :: living life one word at a time."
Today's word is COURAGE. don't be 'fraid of nuthin!
See more letters and words at my Patch of Sky Etsy shop, here.



Kara Chipoletti Jones of GriefAndCreativity dot com said...

Living life one word at a time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You just don't know how much permission you just gave me. Thank you! BRILLIANT!

Miss Kim said...

Such a wonderful heartfelt post. Thank you for writing it and for sharing it with us. I'll be thinking about what you have said all day I'm sure :)
Kim H

patti said...

You put it into words so well Jessie. More inspiration to be afraid of nuthin!

Very much enjoyed your interview with Jamie - thankyou!

Jamie Lees said...

Wonderfully inspiring words. Thanks Jessie. I would love to be as positive as you. Some how though, I think it might remove the cranky edge that fuels my creativity. LOL. Staying tuned for more...

Jamie (the other Jamie)

Suzie Ridler said...

Jessie, your interview was amazing! Oh I loved hearing your voice and your story coming straight from your heart and mouth, LOL. Can I tell you the sacred apron part rocked my world in particular? :) You give me hope that maybe one day my words and images will generate income and help me go back home to BC. I am so glad that you are following your heart, letting your courageous spirit paint the way to success. You are so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the sacred apron. I love this idea of delineating your creative boundaries. Most people "go to work." so that transition happens naturally. They usually dress in a special way. So they feel the transition happening as they are getting ready.

But what about us stay at home artists, and especially the writers. We don't even have to worry about splashing paint on us.

I need to do some thinking: what is my "Sacred Apron?"

claireylove said...

"Unfortunately (or fortunately!), the creative life never comes with a set of instructions. Of course, if it did, it wouldn't be creative!"

I'm carrying this with me this week in times of doubt :-)

Have a great week and thanks for all your inspiration!

esk said...

The word "courage" is so apropos for this chapter...and I would add persistence! After having the courage to follow our fascinations, we have to be persistent in following through with our plans, even if and when we hit stumbling blocks.

Great post (and interview, too!!)

Kate Robertson said...

I loved your interview, there were so many messages meant just for me. This post was awesome, the truth of it for me brought tears to my eyes. thank you.


Unknown said...

I loved the interview! I love, love, loved it! I am so proud and blessed to have you as a friend.
And as for your word of the day... If only you knew how much I need COURAGE today. ( I'll explain later - after I complete my courageous act of the day...)

Caroline said...

I love your description of your heart when you are being true to it!

When I say things I really need to listen to I get a beating in my ears. And when I write them I often sneeze!

It was also great to hear your interview and how really doing what you love has been the most successful strategy - brilliant!

Anonymous said...

"May your fascinations lead you to the center of yourself." This is so beautiful - yes! to my fascinations and where they will lead me!

Rowena said...

Did you know I had no idea you were the Be Brave project. I stumbled upon you this summer, the day you re initiated it and joined. I knew the graphics looked familiar. Huh. Coincidences.

I've been trying to do Be Brave, but I often don't consciously think of it. Although I am definitely much better at being brave than before I took on the project.

I made big steps that I might not have otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Being open, celebrating, being forgiving . . . all steps upon the path of courage and permission to create! Thank you!

Leah said...

I loved your interview, Jessie!! I so admire all the courage and bravery you show in your day to day life. It inspires me like you wouldn't believe!

Lisa said...

Thanks for doing the oh-so-inspiring interview this morning. I LOVE the apron, and how it designates "no toilet cleaning!"
And alot of kick ass incentive to be brave.

Genie Sea said...

Thank you for the most inspiring post and interview. Thank you for being such a lovely friend to our furry friends. You are wonderful. Thank you for gifting us with the apron of your creativity. :)

curious girl (lisa) said...

I can always use another hero. thank you.

gma said...

Congratulations to you on your interview. It does take courage to follow that tug on your heart....but always so worth it.

Lisa said...

Perfect and beautiful!

Samosas for One said...

These words give me a little piece of faith.