Wednesday, January 07, 2009

CREATE--6 little letters to inspire you

To create.

Today I have been creating like it is my life--and, luckily, it is. Even so, sometimes it takes great effort to make it a priority.

Today there will be no cracked windshields to repair. No photo shoots. No extraneous phone calls. No whining dogs. No house cleaning.

Instead I am spending the day in my sun-filled studio. I am surrounded by dogs. That is, half-finished paintings of dogs. Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE my new studio space?

I have only one word to describe it and it is: HEAVEN. I've been listening to music, taking short breaks to love up my wolfie (who always accompanies me), drinking coffee with cream and sugar, and moving from one painting to the next. Oh, sweet S-P-A-C-E! I am currently in the midsts of 5 portraits--three on one wall and two on the other. A portrait of a cat sits on an easel in the corner. I feel surrounded by love, by creativity, by powerfully positive energy.

I hope you will find some time in your day to do a little creating too.

These letters are part of an ongoing project: "WORD OF THE DAY :: living life one word at a time." Today's word is "CREATE." I am living this word from the inside out--and it feels good.

See more letters and words at my Patch of Sky Etsy shop, here.



Samosas for One said...

Jessie! Post photos of your filled studio. It sounds awesome! Your day in the studio sounds beautiful.

Barbara said...

I second Samosas' emotion! Your space must be as filled with light as you are. Love it, enjoy it!

Sharon said...

It sounds like heaven, Jessie. I am so happy for you, and I'm loving the words made from your beautiful letters. I hope you can share the paintings of your dogs and cat when they are finished. Enjoy working on them!

laundrygirl said...

I love your alphabet paintings! I want some but haven't decided upon a word just yet. I just stopped working on sculpture for the night and find myself here on the computer before settling in for a good night's sleep. I have been creating some puffed hearts to place in the gallery just in time for Valentine's Day! I could relate when you said "no cracked windshields..." Derek popped two tires getting on the freeway last week when he ran over some debris on the onramp! It never fails, another car problem! Luckily it was resolved quickly.
Your studio sounds like paradise! I am excited and jealous and happy and grateful for you! You inspire me more than you know!