Monday, April 16, 2007

Mod Podge junkie.

I'm on a Mod Podge high--and am lovin' it. It's been a pretty busy past couple days around here and I've been suffering from an ultimate stress headache...the kind that I haven't really experienced since the drowning days of grad school. Like usual, I have too much on my plate all at once. I've been enjoying my new life at the garden shop, but I guess trying to squeeze the rest of my life into a few short hours at the end of each day has started to take its toll.

Yesterday Vinny and I went to look at a house for sale and inadvertently fell in love with it. It wasn't fancy by any means, but it was sunny and warm and felt like "home." I went to the bank today and talked with a loan officer only to find out that we would be in over our heads before we could blink. We've decided that, unless a miracle happens, we're going to pass this one up . I think that this will be a good decision in the end, but I couldn't help but feel some serious disappointment as I walked out of the bank. I haven't felt consciously stressed, but my body was telling me otherwise.

Tonight, however, the most wonderful thing happened when I went down to my studio to get work done on something I should have finished several days ago. Last week on my "artist's date," I went to Dick Blick to just hang out. In the process, I ended up buying some inexpensive paper and a bottle of Mod Podge. In the past I've used a matte medium for decoupage type projects, but it always dries a bit tacky to the touch. I remembered Melba mentioning that she uses Mod Podge, so when I saw a bottle for only a few bucks I happily bought some to experiment with.

About halfway through my project tonight, I noticed that my headache had disappeared. I could hardly think straight it hurt so bad...and then WALLAH! it just vanished. Weird. My faith in the therapeutic effects of art has been renewed. Amazing!

A couple weeks ago, Bee said that I should spend an hour or so just making art. Her theory was that by spending one precious hour making something out of pure creative enjoyment would actually benefit me and make me more efficient in all other areas. Although I agreed with her, inside there was a buggery ol' cynic saying: "yeah, yeah, yeah..right!" maybe it is actually just the smell of Mod Podge that is so incredibly healing (what is that smell? it reminds me of something.) or maybe there is a whole lot of truth in Bee's art therapy theory. Of course, I know her theory to be true. But I am such an incredibly slow learner sometimes!

Speaking of Bee, I was also blessed with a package from Canada that arrived on my doorstep today (and with perfect timing!). After I came home from the crumb-dumb bank, my mood was immediately lifted by a box filled with coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and mmmm-so-dark chocolate, a beautiful green and blue necklace from Costa Rica, a yummy soft journal from India, forget-me-not seeds, and a nice thick letter. Dang, do I feel spoiled? Yes, in the best way! :)

The coffee smells divine and so I made a fresh pot before heading downstairs for my date with the Modge Podge. No wonder I feel better!

God, I love mod podge and Canadian coffee!!!!!


eb said...

I've got some Modge Podge that I'm about to try - admittedly I had an "attitude" about he name - ahhhhhhhh - well... - I've linked you in my "pink house" post - re: rituals - is that ok?

xox - eb.

Anonymous said...

what is Modge Podge and where do I get some? And when can I see you again??? And YUM for Canadian coffee and presents from bee...sounds wonderful!

Laura said...

Oh my god...I LOVE Modge Podge and haven't thought of it in a LONG time. Thanks, Jessie!

I'm sorry about the house...But it just means it isn't meant to be now..! Adam and I lost a house last year around this time, and we were upset, but now we have this place that is DEFINITELY going to be "home". I'm glad last year's didn't work out. You guys will find something that is more "right" for you, I know it.

I hope you have a good day, Jessie :)

The Dream said...

"lu-CKY" - napoleon dynamite. Bee is SO cool and so dear!

Modge Podge? I've never even heard of that! Now I have one more thing to add to the supplies list!

Sorry about the disappointment. I have been in that situation MANY times before. I would snap into, "I want it, I want it, I want it", start envisioning where I would put what, and then make my way back to the reality planet planet of $. All I can say ... it WILL happen when the time is right.

gkgirl said...

sorry to hear about the house
i have sooo been there...
and it sucks
but it will come...
and yay about the happy mail!!

acumamakiki said...

I love mail days!! I also love modge podge - used a big jar of it a long time ago when I decoupaged my dresser with flower images. I need to start doing that type of art again. Of course if I could find the bottom of my art table.....

I love getting packages in the mail - hurray for Bee and her well-timed international treats and I loved seeing the photo of your gorgeous self wearing the necklace.

Leah said...

yeah, we had to make a similar decision about a house we fell for recently. it's hard. but for the best. *your* house will come along in its time!

yea! have fun with the modge podge! then have a great time picking it off your fingers! (if you're messy with it like i am.) :-) xoxoxoxo

deirdre said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the bank experience. It's hard to fall in love with a house only to find the numbers won't crunch right. But...where's there's one perfect house there's another. You'll know.

Mod Podge is good stuff. It reminds me of being a kid with glue and paint all over my fingers, because, really, I can't work with the stuff without getting it all over my hands.

Anonymous said...

1. I LOVE coffee
2. I LOVE chocolate
3. I Modge Podge ALL THE TIME!
Isn't it the best? The absolute champion of art mediums! And Walmart sells it for 4 bucks here!
I covered an old trunk with magazine photos of India. I love working with it.
That's too bad about the house....however, just follow where ever the universe leads you next.

Kristine said...

I've wanted to try Modge Podge...
Cute pics! I love the necklace and your little smirk! :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey Jessie, you crack me up. You bring so much happy energy. You just make me smile. God, I love that about you.

As far as Modge Podge goes...I am a Modge Podge junkie...I was pulled over and jailed for driving under the influence of Modge Podge. I had gone through a 24 pack...oh the shame. I was thrown in the dry out. I couldn't take it...I had art projects and a deck to do. I was sentenced to 3 months in Modge Podge rehab. They think they can break me...ha.
It's so nice to see you smile, Jessie. later babes.

Elizabeth said...

So sorry about the house
(and the headache)- you WILL find your home at the right time and the right £. But I've been there too, bummer :-(
The parcel sounds lovely.. what a sweetheart. Is Bee your sister?

And please, I'm feeling left out.... For the sake of us Brits on the other side of the pond, WHAT on earth is Modge Podge???!!!

Hugs, E

Maddie said...

erm...not being very artsy with art -
and sad about it tooooo -
what is podge for? the gloss for collage?

I loved seeing you in that gorgeous
emerald necklace - Bee is soooo sweet to
send you such lovely gifts - i want to see the
journal too!

re. the house - i am really bad to listen to but
my feeling is...

leap and the net shall appear

seriously - anyway - if not this house -
you have planted the seed in the universe at
it will grow into a ....cute little sunlit house!
(forget not these words)


bella said...

What a perfect way to get rid of a headache. I believe in Bee's wise words. An hour a day could lift the fuglies, and just make you feel more productive, more whole.
Total bummer about the house/loan.. but I always say a new door will open where one has closed.
Now go enjoy more of that strong coffee and Modge Podge (I'd love to try working with it). Post some pictures of your creations - if you can!

bee said...

oh my god. I KNEW IT. the necklace was yours...i bought it as a gift for you 3 years before i metcha!!!!

it's fucking gaaaargeous on you, babycakes.

and i don't know if this is fate or kismet or what, but have i ever talked to you about my mod podge fanatacism? i was (and still am, although i haven't played with it for A LOOOOOOOONG time) obsessed with mod podge. the coolest gift i ever made for somebody with podge was this old rotary phone that i made into a pipe. the base was just podge-o-licious. and if you layer on top of it, it's this uncrackable glaze. isn't that funny, how you had so much fun on your artist's date with something i'm insanely in love with???

you do know how much i love you, right? how much i freaking miss you and am taking my freaking dog to minnesota to meet you a.s.a.p.

i'm glad that the artist's date was healing for you. i'm sorry about your house.....but it was a whim that will start the know? there's a "jessie and vinny" house out there that is absolutely YOU and affordable.

EMAIL COMING. love coming. let's be letter-showerers, okay? i wanna create more.

kj said...

jessie, you're sounding well. and that makes me happy too.

i asked my partner jb about modge podge and she said she uses something even better, but she can't remember what it's called.
for what it's worth, which is not much!


Melba said...

I have been in a BIG funk all day and you my sweet friend just made me smile ear to ear.
Seeing your face makes my heart happy.

Thank you.

megg said...

Oh yes on that Canadian coffee thing - OH. YES! I miss it desperately.

I got to be in charge of the Arts and Crafts program at a summer camp THREE times!! It was heaven - all of those supplies bought by someone else!! We coined the term, 'Podging' whenever we made beautiful things because we used it so much!! I haven't been able to find it here in the UK - I'll have to look harder!

Jamie said...

It's great to see you looking so happy and enjoying so much!