Wednesday, April 25, 2007

breathe on, sweet commas.

Despite the ominous tone of my last post, I have to admit that things are going remarkably well (knock on wood).

...but, for now, I just wanted to say hi. This little compose box provided by Blogger is such a familiar and comforting space. I missed it here.

Today I met a girl from Chicago who is writing a book about people living their dreams. She's interviewing strangers Studs Terkle style and is attempting to capture the "everyday" moments of their lives. Judging by the thickness of the folder she was carrying around (and pulled out of her bag to show me), it's a pretty serious project. I met her while working at the garden shop and the whole time I felt like she was trying to gauge me; she was trying to figure out if I was living my dream. If I was, then I suppose she would want to interview me. I kept waiting for her to ask: "Are you living your dream?" But instead she asked if she could come back on Saturday.

Which made me wonder: Am I living my dream?

Which made me wonder: How do you know when you are?

Which made me wonder: Can living your dream be all inclusive?

Because if it can, then (geez) I guess I am.


deirdre said...

WooHoo for you Jessie. I love the way you find sweetness and LIFE in everything. Happy (smooth)writing to you.

Elizabeth said...

hello from the outer rim of the FW universe (computer still trashed; I'm at the library).

Thanks for nice comments on my blog. I've really missed reading yours, as well as the others. Hope to catch up again soon.

Hugs, E

Tori said...

Wow-I love your question-can living a dream be all inclusive...
I am going to ruminate on this.

z said...

Few people do. And until someone asks. They do not realize it.
From reading your blog all these months. you are doing nicely.

The Dream said...

My daughter LOVES the work of STUDS. I am going to turn her on to your blog. She has the talent to hang with the best of them - like the modern day Charles Dickens - John Irving.

How cool that the Chicago woman wants to visit again. "People are strange, when you're a stranger"
-The Doors

Well yes, in most respects, I AM living my dream. And I best keep grateful about that and true to it - or I'm screwed! There are so many things I would like to do - like work with you in the flower shop!!! - because there are so many possibilities ... you know, the whole LUST FOR LIFE thing.

Rock on, Comma Queen!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to living your dream!
I just love reading your posts on your cool blog that reminds me of
chocolate and strawberry ice-cream every time I come here!!
Yes, I think living your dream can be're doing it!!!
Yay for you.
You should have just started talking and given that girl YOUR story!!!

Melba said...

I think it is a process.
I think most of the time we live under the illusion that we will get to this imaginary destination of "living our dream (happiness)"

I do think I am living my dream...but it is different than I imagined...more laundry and less art, but still equally as beautiful.

Thought provoking questions...I love so much in the morning with my coffee.


bella said...

Hey friend! As I read this, I didn't know how the post would end. I think you're the kind of girl who will always emerge smiling. To me, you seem to take each experience to heart, suck all the learning out of it, and come away richer, fuller. That's what I love about you. - Oh, and of course because you love strong coffee. ((hugs))