Thursday, April 05, 2007


My cat, Viscosa, is sitting in front of my computer screen as I write. She looks paranoid and acts as though the music I'm listening to might be seeping out of the walls. She's a strange and sketchy thing--but always needing to be in the center of things. I crane my neck to see around her only because I don't have the heart to shoo her away. She's a little lover...but she's also high on catnip. Cheap entertainment, I guess you could say.

In the other room, Vinny is playing with his new fish tank. Yes, playing. It was his birthday yesterday and I got my 37 year old husband a fish tank. I think he loves it(!) ...but that might be because he stopped maturing at the age of 9. I guess I'm ok with this, only because I stopped maturing at the age of 12. ha!

We're walking around like zombies today because, last night, after an incredible date (a delicious dinner, some book browsing, and a hilarious movie), we walked out to the theater parking lot and found the window of our car shattered...and my purse stolen. Do I ever leave my purse in the car? No! That's the shitty part. But last night it was heavy with birthday presents and books and so we decided I should just hide it under the seat and it would be fine. We were wrong. There were some little hoodlums hanging out by the theater when we went in and our guess is that they must have seen me lift my purse over the seat when I went to hide it. The other shitty part is that I actually had cash in my wallet (almost a 100 bucks--and I never have cash on me!). They were lucky little thieves.

But, despite the inconvenience of losing all the necessities a purse holds, I'm mostly bummed because they got away with Vinny's Edgar Allen Poe T-shirt (it was so awesome! my husband is Poe reincarnated) and the Helene Cixous book that I found at the used bookstore (a total score!). The sad part is that, since hoodlums are rarely literate (just a cynical assumption), they probably just threw that stuff out. Losers.
My new theory: improved literacy cuts crime!
What do you think? I mean, really, the only thing I'm NOT worried about them using is my library card!

I was up until 2 am canceling credit cards and what-not. They got away with charging a tank of gas--hopefully nothing more. This morning I was so tired that I decided to reset my alarm clock. Uh-em...bad idea! I must have reset the clock instead because, after I was already showered and ready for work, I looked at the clock on my computer and realized that it was an hour EARLIER than I thought it was! Damn. I could have still been in bed! Hence, the zombie mode. Even coffee wasn't able to cure me.

Anyhoo...that's my story for the day. At least the fish tank looks cool.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetie! I'm SO sorry! That happened to us in Austin, so I know how much it just SUCKS.

In spite of that, it sounds like Vinnie had a happy birthday, at least. So that's good.

Hope we can talk soon. Is there anything I can do to help?

Olivia said...

Man, I'm so sorry Jessie. That is a real bummer. Hoping you get things taken care of and back to normal soon,


bella said...

Oh god! That really sucks Jessie. You and V had a perfect evening and then..
Ugh. Some people just suck.

deirdre said...

That's terrible! I can't count the times I've tucked my purse under the seat or beneath a jacket on the floor. No more! I'm glad you were able to get everything canceled, and that you'd already had your fabulous evening.

kj said...

it's a violation. once my car was vandalized in paris and i've never forgotten the betrayal and confusion i felt. fortunately you know it's only "things".

hang in jessie. !

Leah said...

oh, i had my wallet stolen once and it was the worst feeling! damn hoodlums! (((hugs to you)))!

Kristine said...

That sucks!
You sound like you are taking it all in stride though and I am glad Vinnie still has something cool dispite the gifts that were taken. Hang in there. I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.

gkgirl said...

awwwwww...that sooo sucks.
and is frustrating.
and annoying.
and maddening.

sometimes people suck.

Laura said...

So sorry to hear of your lose. And to relate to fish, got to love them two, I have two large red oscars who have turned out to be a pair. They layed eggs but not babies yet. end up eating them before we can do anything. sorry Randomness. Hope today leads you on a better path.

Anonymous said...

POOPY!!! Poopy, poopy, poopy!!!

(Well, sometimes it helps.)

Hope the fixing is easier than the taking ... Thinking of you lots lately.

Amber said...

That sucks. I know what you mean about being mostly bummed about the t-shirt and book. I'd feel the same way.

You should let Vinny know that Eric said if he has any questions about his fish tank, he can always ask Eric. He's the expert, after all. Since he's a complete aquarium geek, he might even know more than the people working at the aquarium store. I don't know if you've hung on to my phone number, but you should still have my email address, right?

Oh, and Stella's Fish Cafe rocks. We went there for Eric's birthday this year, too. Did either of you go in the bathrooms? Hilarious quotes on the wall, if you're just dirty-minded enough.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh Jessie, how terrible. It's the worst feeling, though once ripped become more aware of your surroundings.

That very same thing happened to us. We (a group of 6) went to Sea World in San Diego. two left their purse in the trunk. I never leave my purse in the car. Growing up in a bad neighborhood teaches you lots.

When we were ready to leave to head back to our hotel...the trunk was open and the purses gone. OMG...D was furious. She jumped up and down, no lie. She cursed at the top of her voice. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I'll spare you the rest of her words. This went on for 10 minutes. I had to let her get it out. We rushed back and made arrangements to cancell cards etc.

Those ass wipes filled their gas tank and bought $500 in jewelry. Bank of America became suspicious and stopped all tansactions. a good thing. It makes you feel like crap for days.

Paula said...

I´m sorry you had to go through that. :(

Good to know the birthday present was a success.

The Dream said...

SUCH a HUGE Drag! That happened to me in Philly years ago. It totally took an entire day away from spending time on South Street.
But hey, you were able to be happy about the fish tank ... but I AM weirded out that coffee wasn't doing the trick.

acumamakiki said...

Oh I'm sorry this happened to you. Mostly for the loss of the items that can't be replaced. I'm sorry and I hope that each of those hoodlums loses something of importance to them - karma kick back baby.

Georgia said...

DAMN the hoodlums... Some hoodlums made off with some of my CD's that I left in the car overnight once.... ARGH! So frustrating. I am so sorry they got away with your things.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! That is so scary and what a pain having to cancel all of the cards, etc. I've never had it happen and I would be at a lost trying to figure it all out.

Glad your hubs had a good bday though and the fishtank sounds awesome. Pics please!

Maddy said...

PERFECT gift - i love watching gorgeous
rainbow colored swirls of fish in tanks -
really peaceful -

i thoroughly enjoyed your links Jessie -
Stella's looks great and the film -

my weakness is books alas - i have a
sickness - i keep buying them -
i would buy books over food any time...

:) hugs!

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

Tammy said...

That sucks! I do that a lot as I'm sure many women do. Good reminder for us all but at least he got his big toy first. lol HUGS

Elizabeth said...

Major Bummer - and BAD KARMA for the hooligans. (((Biggest hugs in the whole wide world to you.)))

Glad you 2 had a good night out otherwise. lIZZI

z said...

jnzcwe've been through this too. a real invasion privacy.
and after such a nice time.

HoBess said...

You are right ... higher literacy would lead to lower crime rates. I'm so sorry this happened to you ... let alone that it happened on such a special day.

P.S.--Tell Vinny I'm totally jealous of his new toy!

Anonymous said...

That just sucks!
How horrible for you. I am so sorry.
I would die if my purse was ever stolen or lost. My whole life is in there!
On a more positive note....
I would love to marry a man who was the reincarnation of Poe!