Sunday, April 29, 2007


At the moment I'm sitting in the pink glow of my paper star lamp with the door closed and listening to Niyaz in an attempt to create a moment of uninterrupted quiet. It's been a weekend of too much talking. Talk, talk, talking. After awhile it rattles my teeth; it rattles my brain.

After reading Dancing Willow's post I feel inspired to create a sense of peacefulness around me. I took today "off" from writing so that, for once, I might spend an entire day doing whatever I felt like doing. This morning I went with my brother and his girlfriend to look at a house that he's thinking about buying. After that I drove through unknown parts of the city with my husband in an extended search for brunch. Somehow we traveled all the way through the streets of Mexico and ended up on the shores of the Caspian Sea. This is what I love about living in a city: diversity. I love the way that certain parts of the city are each culturally rich countries of their own.

Several hours later, we made it back home where I raked the yard and jabbered with the neighbors. Afterwards, V. and I took Anu for a walk, then we went out for coffee....but, by that point, I wanted nothing more than to hole up with my Finding Water book and be quiet for awhile. Nope--didn't happen.

Is it necessary to mention that I spent all day Friday and Saturday talking as well? I swear, my jaw is starting to hurt. Working at the neighborhood garden shop has resulted in a fuck of a lot of talking. Too be honest, I get sick of it and at times wish for nothing more than a few moments of silence. Tough luck for me.

10 pm, Sunday night...and now I am happy to hide. My day off has been good, but tomorrow I hope to fall off the edge of the earth. Maybe I'll get up extra early for a leisurely walk in the woods. Everything has exploded into green and tiny flowers grow everywhere. I'll spend some time cleaning the house (this idea is also inspired by dancing willow--my god, I neeeed some freshness in my surroundings!) and then I'm going to light some candles, brew a pot of barley tea, and sit my butt down in this chair to write a story about ______ (something).


Anyway, here's to silence.



Kristine said...

Dang! Our lives really do run parallel! I just spent the day with Derek and one of his childhood friends. Boy could this girl talk! It was non-stop chatter and at this point I could sit in a small dark quiet room for about three days in silence! I am SO exhausted! It was kind of fun but I am drained.

Marie said...

Boy, I can soooo relate! My husband and I go to coffee every Saturday morning...It's our quiet time for him to read the paper and me to do some writing...Saturday there was a HUGE group of church people talk, talk, talking, and SUNDAY, SUNDAY, a day of rest, there was loud, very LOUD Salsa music! Our quiet cozy place is no more...I love Danicing Willow's is beautiful and peaceful, and what a view. Thanks for sharing this...venting even helps others!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite a weekend.
Tis the season for non-stop talk and business in a garden centre, I'm sure.
Another lovely post. I love the imagery of lighting candles and drinking barley tea to sit down and write.
Today I clean my house too!
(horrors, terrors, endless torment)

acumamakiki said...

This is the second blog post I've read this morning mentioning a walk in the woods. My soul is SCREAMING to be in the woods - I must make this happen for myself, even within my (sub)urban oasis.

I feel like I don't get to talk enough - probably reading this makes you think, 'is she crazy, how delightful' but I'm so cut off most days from any adult interaction that I find myself yammering senselessly at my husband when he comes home. He's convinced I've got a certain quota of words to say each day - he might be right.

I hope your day is filled with beautiful silence and peace.

krista said...

(....) (that's my ode to silence with you!)

gkgirl said...

that photo was a perfect
accompaniment to the post.

Jamie said...

It seems odd to celebrate this commitment to quiet with words. But I do.


The Dream said...


I have been on such a talking jag lately and I am (just about) sick of my own voice. For the moment, it's the sound of the keyboard and the distant hum of a plane above. It won't last long, but it's good for now.

Beautiful photo - what a view!!!

Olivia said...

Boy do I know that feeling of wanting QUIET and to be ALONE! I have been working at my husband's business helping out during the day (I usually work nights and weekends) and the energy is so frenetic that, as akumamakiki said, my soul was screaming for solitutde! Total desperation. Phones ringing, people talking, music playing, faxes coming in, people brushing by, questions being asked...and I just yearn for peace.

I pray that you get some alone time soon...and me too...

Good to hear from you as you come up for air. Love and blessings to you, Jessie,


PS Thanks for the lead on Niyaz. It's playing now here :)

z said...

Ask, the customers what they are going to do with what they buy. Ask, questions they have to answer. Then you get a rest.

Amber said...

Oh YES, here is to silence!! I wish I could get some around here. lol!I laugh, but I am not me.


deirdre said...

I get so tired of talking, and sound in general, sometimes. I love the silence. It's a nice buffer from the world. I listened to a cd of bird song all day yesterday - it was lovely.

Amber said...

Hell's Kitchen. Next time, have brunch at Hell's Kitchen...if you haven't already. Servers in their pajamas would be fun even if the food wasn't some of the best ever.

Elizabeth said...

So many words, sending you a big (((HUG))) instead. Silence is golden, enjoy it when you can. Love the photo :-)

Thanks for your nice comments also - they ALWAYS make me feel better.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Pssst, (in a whisper) pssst, hey Jessie. Don't say anything sweetie, I was just tip-toeing through here to see how you were doing.

Yeah sometimes the sound of silence is then can hear your own thoughts.

How was brunch? This is just a thought that hit me. A place in east Los Angeles. I'll have to tell you about it one day.

Hey if you find any quiet time, pass some this way. Ha. later jessie.

kj said...

jessie, you know i spent last weekend quiet as a mouse. it was sufficient that now i can chat-away again. for a time...

take care and whisper if you have to. ps z's suggestion is brilliant...!