Sunday, April 23, 2006


I feel like drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and jumping from planes.

Maybe I'll explain myself in more detail later (or not); for now I just want Loralee to know that she is unbelievably INSPIRING! Today has been busy, but half-lived. She makes me question all of it.

Toni Morrison, however, still kicks beautiful, literary ass. I've been begging moments out of the day to read the book I mentioned yesterday. And I'm about to give up on the rest of my list for the day. Right now it's just beer and Morrison--that's all I want. Too bad I don't have the first (although maybe my neighbor does).

And when I'm done I'm going to find a plane to jump out of.

So there.


loralee said...

It did kick a fair amount of ass! I envy your life though...when you write about your husband and draw your breakfast with sidewalk chalk and soak in books.

I would love to feel such peace.

Your blog always reminds me of a patch of sun on a window seat that would be perfect to curl up on if I was a cat.

Weird, I know...

I love this place.

Jessie said...

Loralee, you are somethin' else...and I'm so glad I met you.