Wednesday, April 05, 2006


...and a sleepy audience, too.


Tammy said...

I just love artwork! You should check out Maryanne on my blog! I'm a dog freak, you must see "Eight Below." I want the dog Mya in the movie, she looks like yours. What is the breed? Beautiful!

Jessie said...

Yes--I'm looking forward to seeing that movie. Maybe I'll go this weekend. We were going to go to a movie last night--but we got lazy. Anu's half wolf, half husky--and a full bred snuggler!

erin said...

i like your pear. mmm... pears and coffee. now that's a good day

harmonyinline said...

That looks like it must have been a lot of fun.

Belle said...

A fun expression of creativity.

Nice idea.

Joy Eliz said...

How fantastic!!!

HoBess said...

As a mother of three you have just given sidewalk chalk a whole new meaning for me. This created an audible gasp when your page came up! BTW, I love your idea of creating art houses ... especially with as popular as those cute little Victorian bird houses at Kohls and other places seem to be. Something bright orange and funky would be awesome! Oh I wish I could get images out of my head and out onto something! Thanks for stopping by ... and for this soothing image.

Kristine said...

Really cool!
If you buy a set of cheap oil pastels - the ones with more chalk than oil, you will have more color options with vibrant color! Just a thought in case you expand upon this passion! I love it!

Anonymous said...

oh this is so fantastic! What a brilliant idea--- and pears are so YUM. Think of how much pleasure you gave to people who passed it today.


tara dawn said...

What fun! I can just imagine all the people who were walking along the street today and stumbled upon this fabulous gift of your creativity. What joy I am sure you brought to many! And what joy you bring to this community of blogger (especially me) every day!
And now I'm craving pears and coffee and the courage to decorate a whole sidewalk with creativity!
You are awesome!
Love to you,
Tara Dawn

liz elayne said...

oh this is just fantastic! thank you for this inspiration to use sidewalk chalk to create, create, create!

Signora B. said...

How creative you are.
I used to admire the sidewalk-chalk artists in London, England.
Seing your artwork took me back to a time so long ago .
And what a beautiful dog,does he like the snow ?

Loralee Choate said...

Oh, MY! I love it!
So pretty. I also admire the beautiful points you have worn on the chalk.

I cannot wait for it to be the right weather for the boys and I to play. It looks nothing like this though.

James usually ends up drawing a picture of his little brother with underware on his head.

Ok...that only happened once, but still!