Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm sorry...but I feel a list making compulsion coming on...

  • grade essays
  • e-mail essay to S.
  • write up last essay assignment, plan class, and write up schedule
  • give points for rough drafts and presentations
  • pay bills
  • drop off mail at post office
  • resize photos for Sophie and make copies
  • e-mail L. about delivering painting
  • clean bathroom
  • clean out car
  • work at gallery
  • read Toni Morrison's Playing in the Dark
  • read Michel Foucault (55 pages)well, I read half of it--that counts for something doesn't it?
  • read Harold Bloom (11 pages)
  • fix MLA paper
  • fix thesis statement and outline for Lit. Crit. essay
  • write American Lit. comprehensive exam (5-6 pages)
  • drop off D.'s paper at school
  • deliver flowers @ 3 (tomorrow)
I have most of this on scraps of paper that I've been crossing off since yesterday. Why type them up again? Um, yeah...I need to feel like I'm getting somewhere. I've done nearly everything except the hard stuff. But Toni Morrison--I'm looking forward to that part. As a matter of fact, today I sat on the back stoop of the gallery over-looking the lake and read the preface.

I love that old building.

...and if the rest of the book is as good as the preface, then I'll be in heaven.


gkgirl said...

thats quite a list!

nice to see all those lines
crossing things off though,
i bet.

i need to try some toni morrison
again..its been a long time.

Amber said...

I'm impressed, and a little jealous. Lately, that level of productivity has been almost inconceivable to me.

Jessie said...

amber, you've done your work. remember? you finished your thesis. you can relax now. :)

anyway, i'm feeling sorry for you because you have to present on Foucault. right? ugh. tough stuff to get through. my eyes keep glazing over.

gkgirl, i'll let you know how this book was when i'm finished. it's a slim 90 pages--but is more theoretical, unlike her fiction. still, it's interesting to see her mind at work.

susanlavonne said...

i love this post! i love lists and the idea of putting them on a blog. but i particularly love the photo taken the way it was of you reading the book...
[termintator voice]: i'll be back!

Amber said...

Actually, we switched to Derrida. But I'm afraid he'll be tougher than Foucault.

Jamie said...

Hello, kindred spirit. I see we do both have a predilection for lists! You realize that making me conscious of the html crossing out things is a whole new level of list temptation, hehe.

Congratulations on getting so much stuff done. Good luck with the remainder! And thanks for your comments and for getting it :)