Friday, April 21, 2006

A good day for gnocchi (which I like to pronounce Gah-know-chee, but is technically pronounced NYO-ki)

Today reminds me of Florence, Italy. It's grey and raining and a little bit cold--it makes me think of Saint Maria's church and the train station and pigeons in the piazza that take flight all at once like small angels.

Today reminds me of when we ate lunch at the market--tucked in the corner behind a little round table next to a pop machine. It was late fall and, by that point, we had been cold and damp for days. I ordered gnocchi to warm me up. It steamed in it's paper bowl and led to a long lunch hour of watching locals and tourists drift by with bags draping from hands and lengths of bread or bologna tucked in the crooks of arms.

Afterwards, we made our way slowly past techni-colored displays of fresh tomatoes and eggplants, herbs, cheeses, fish and wine. I blissfully browsed through the market in a gnocchi stupor. And with eyes and bellies full we continued down cobbled side streets, winding, winding our way through an ancient city...and ever since, gnocchi has become my ultimate comfort food. Today the rain drizzle-falls in the exact same way it did that day in Florence. And for lunch, I think I know what I'll have:

Click for larger view: Member-submitted Photo

(Later: And look...Vinny wrote about it too.)


Anonymous said...

now you've got me thinking about Italy-- and I've never been--


melba said...

MMM. I love gnocci too. maybe I will make it for dinner tonight. We seem to have the same taste in food. One day we will have a meal together...

Your comments on my blog are like food for my soul. You nourish me and fill me in ways I did not even realize were possible.
Thank you.

p e j said...

Thanks for the NYO-ki tip. Very timely.

Endment said...

How about coming over for lunch? --- you cna cook! :)

Cate said...

I love gnocchi, too, and now, you've made me hungry for it. I usually buy the store-packaged stuff--tried to make it fresh once and it was a disaster. You've inspired me to try again!

Lovely post--beautiful images of gnocchi steaming in paper bowls, and the colorful vibrancy of the marketplace!

Paris Parfait said...

Yum! I want some gnocchi. And how lovely your day in Italy sounded! Thanks for sharing.