Sunday, April 23, 2006

It is truly amazing... absolutely UNsatisfying the work is that I am doing right now. I'm inching along and am, all the while, far too aware of how little any of it is doing for me. I feel like the kid in high school complaining about having to do algebra--but whhyyyyyy? And it's true--I've never once used algebra since.

I'm hiding inside of my headphones--and, to be honest, am quite close to throwing a temper tantrum. I try desperately to channel my frustration into the music, unfortunately there is enough tension in my neck to create creaking noises that the headphones don't muffle.

Once I've graduated it probably won't take long for me to miss school and all the creative and intellectual challenges that go along with it. But right now, I want nothing more than TO BE DONE!


krista said...

I TOTALLY hear you.

Anonymous said...

I hear you too. And it's true -- If school is something you normally enjoy, once it's gone, you miss it like mad. I missed it so much in the beginning I was tempted to ask Susan to send me a syllibi, just so I could pretend and have that stimulation to produce.

But I'm still not doing work that truly feeds my soul. I just need to figure that one out ...

Jamie said...

This time of year is always so painful at school. What's cool about knowing that you really won't use this work is that this then is the one and only time you EVER have to do it in your life! When it's done; it's done! Yay!

You will get through and get on to your own magnificent work.

And in the meantime, coffee is your friend ;)