Friday, December 30, 2005

Another lake walk and more dream houses...

Although I do not fish--I could live here. I grew up in a too large, too fancy house and have ever since been attracted to small, simple, lived-in spaces--yep, even ice-houses.

I heard on the radio a couple years ago of an artists' community that took up residency in the middle of the lake. When the artists converted their ice-houses into studios and started working and living out there the police tried to get rid of them--but the town wanted them to stay. The artists would get visitors from all over--there to see their art and to watch them make it. One guy did paintings on large sheets of ice. It looked like watercolor. He did ice-house landscapes and odd still lives of found items--fish, boots, lures, garbage. Eventually they'd melt (or break)--but he'd make more. There were potters, painters, sculptors...and yes, even people fishing.


tara dawn said...

What a beautiful idea! Personally, I'd freeze my butt off, but a refreshing idea nevertheless.
Have a wonderful New Year's.

Mark said...

Your entry pleases me very much. I have an ice house that you are welcome to borrow--particularly if you promise to make art in it. It has a furnace, a stove, a table, a bunk, windows, electic light, and bare walls yearning for art.

Jessie said...

Geez Mark, sounds like you don't even need a house! It sounds great--I might have to take you up on that offer!

And Tara--Georgia girl or not--that's what down coats, long underwear, hats, scarves, mittens, big clompy boots and hot chocolate are for--warmth! You'd be surprised how warm you can get.