Sunday, December 18, 2005

You know you live in Northern Minnesota when:

snowmobiles driving past your house in the middle of town are a daily occurrence.


nrlaumei said...

You mean in the middle of the night! Did you hear me outside screaming "who the hell drives a snowmobile in the middle of the night?"

Renee said...

Dear Jessie, I like your place, too, and your neighbors on either side. Your tree is so inviting and warm from the outside, I saw it last night. My new goal: to buy a house in town next year. Love, your secret admirer.

Jessie said...

tasha, if i would have known you were outside screaming i would have come out to visit. :)

dear renee, you are so sweet. and good luck in your pursuits. and also in finding neighbors as good as ours. ;)