Sunday, February 03, 2008

Completed Dog Portrait: Numero Uno.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Russell, the lovable subject of my very first ever dog portrait. I can't even tell you how badly I want to give him a treat right now! ;)

I'm a couple days behind schedule due to a mystery illness that slowed me down the past few days, but I'm finally starting to feel better. Actually, interestingly, I feel better every time I get myself down to the studio and start painting. Or perhaps by painting I'm able to quit thinking about how miserable I've been feeling? Either way, I've decided that painting is good medicine and am going to make a point of spending time with paint brush and canvas on a daily basis (not that I have a choice if I hope to be ready for March!).

Last week I worked on Jamie's assignment (for Circe's Circle) to think about how I can gain an audience for my work. Since I was naturally gravitating to these sorts of thoughts anyway, I very happily and with great energy made a list of the things I could do to turn my pet portraits into a reliable source of income--because this, my friends, is my ultimate intention.

I got hung up on the idea that I couldn't really act on any of the things on my list until I had a website built. I could barely wait to get started, but when Jamie asked me what on that list I could do RIGHT NOW, I sort of stammered an "uh...I don't know. I think I should just paint." But the question continued to naggle at me and has caused me to think about it all week long. And so I went back and made another list. These are the things I realized that I can do right now:
  • Create and order business cards (almost done).
  • Create and order postcards.
  • Contact our neighborhood newspaper and ask them to include an announcement for my upcoming show in March.
  • Do a mock-up for my web site. I mean, duh, it doesn't happen over night! Why was I thinking I should wait? (in progess.)
  • While I'm waiting to get the "real" site up and running, I could create a page with basic contact information.
  • Make fliers and at least get ready to hang them up around the city.
Yeah, so that's a good start. Tonight I'll hopefully finish painting "Louis" and tomorrow I'll begin paintings number 3 and 4. These paintings, by the way, are quite large and even though they take a considerable amount of time to paint, I can't even tell you how much fun I'm having!

I'm even going to admit something: I've quit looking for another job. Yes, it's true. I have hereby taken a leap of faith and am putting my absolute belief in the universe that I will make a living doing artwork and web design. There's a little part of me that's afraid I might fail myself. But there's a bigger part of me that feels like I'll fail myself even more if I don't give this a shot. I've also started thinking about when I'll know it's the right time to start painting full time. When I get enough commissions to support me for 3 months? Or maybe 6 months?

Did I mention that I'm planning on advertising in Bark magazine and Modern Dog? Oh, I love those magazines. I've been saving my money for a color ad in both. And, you know, I feel like I've started running and the only thing I'm waiting for is the gate to OPEN! Wahooooooooooooo!

I'm doing my best to live fearlessly and confidently. I'm investing my whole self and, truth be told, I couldn't be happier. You know that moment just before you jump into a cold lake? Yeah, that's the moment I feel like I'm in right now. And you know what? The only thing I want to do is


Wish me luck. ;)


I AM said...

Jessie!!!! It is FAB. You did such a wonderful job, he has a a lot of personality.....

I'm really proud of you. You are constantly moving forward, facing your fears, being brave and taking the steps necessary to create your dream life. BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

My God! You are so talented girl!!
This is a great empowering post to read.
I admire you so much!

Anonymous said...

jessie the painting is gorgeous!!! i know you're going to be successful with this; you are so very talented, and i can't wait to commission you to paint simon, selma, & lola! i am so incredibly excited and inspired by you...

Olivia said...

The Universe is synchronizing everything, Jessie. This is BE BRAVE Season 2---The Real World. Cool painting and fantastic jump for you!! Whooo hooo! Let's go :) Love, O

Anonymous said...

You know how I feel about these paintings. People, they are FABULOUS.


And I just tagged you, sweet pea.

And feel better.

And I am so proud of you, as always.

kj said...

it's happening, jessie...


MindFul MiMi said...

Cute dog :-) Keep painting. Wish I would find the time and inspiration to paint. Yes yes I know, it's on my list of brave things to do...
Seems like you're very busy. Good luck on the show.
Oh and maybe you could design a website for me? How much do you charge? ...seriously...

caroline : my pocket said...

I normally lurk, but had to say something as I'd been waiting excitedly to see your dog portrait. It's brilliant, so full of life and colour and specialness. I'm sure you are going to be busy doing what you love. And it was so inspiring and empowering to read, thank you. Good on you for jumping in - enjoy! x

Anonymous said...

Your Russell portrait is freakin' amazing, girl!

bella said...

Wow, that is a beautiful painting. The detail is amazing. Your love just shines through that piece. Jessie, you are a bundle of energy waiting to pop. I'm so happy you are at such a beautiful place in your life! xo

Sharon said...

You are so absolutely talented, I just want to smack something!!! So much talent, and energy, and an inspiration even to this old lady!! You go girl!

megg said...

Oh Jessie - it's BEAUTIFUL!!! What fun! What a lot of spirit you have captured!!!

You are so talented - I am glad you are working at how to share it with the world!

Annie Coe said...

Wonderful painting. I have been lurking for a while, but just had to tell you GOOD LUCK! I too am aiming for painting full time and I know we
can both do it :-). Blessings, Annie

madelyn said...

jessie ~ there is such
love and joy radiating from
your beautiful painting!!!!

OMG you are just going to
be sooo successful with
this because everyone will
hire you to do these
soulful portraits ~ just look
at those eyes you painted~!!!

it's as if the dog is right here
in real life:)

I am just so gosh darned
proud of you ~ you inspire
me endlessly


Leah said...

woot! your energy is palpable!!

the painting is totally awesome!

Laura B. said...

I'm so happy for you, Jessie. Incredible. I see so many good things happening for you right now.

I want you to paint Monty!!!!!

Deirdre said...

What a great painting! Love the expression on his face.

Come on over to see the little present I've left for you. :)

Tori said...

Hey Jessie-
Amazing painting.
Would you be up for a commission to paint a potrait of my dog?
I would love if this was a possibility.

Anonymous said...

YOu are so very very very gifted. This painting is wonderful in so many ways...composition, style, character. Oh! Do you have an etsy site? Do you have a PayPal account?

Saints and Sinners said...

oh it great!!! add me to your future maiing list@@@ I can't paint and would love a small portrait of my tiny chi Bettie one day.

Jenn said...

Your dog portraits are so full of personality - they are just adorable. I can't wait to see your site. BTW, have you heard of Wag magazine? It's put out by Wag Hotels. Could also be a possible place for one of your lovely ads :)