Friday, February 08, 2008

And there was light!

Sometimes I'm not always sure if my husband believes in my dreams as much as I do. But then, other times, I think he believes in me more than anyone. In the end, the most important thing is that I believe in myself, but I helps to have support.

Today my morning started out with some really intense negative emotion. If this wasn't the internet I'd describe my experience in greater detail. However, it's not really appropriate--nor is the attempt to recreate the moment worth my energy. Let me just say, I felt LIVID. The weird thing is that I had a dream several weeks ago that this exact same thing happened--and today it did! In my dream, I had the exact same emotional response. Hmmmm...should I be surprised? No.

Certain aspects of my life are becoming increasingly out of alignment. Horribly, painfully out of alignment (yes, I might be dramatizing, but this is how it feels right now). But, by mid morning, it dawned on me that my time to move on is coming even more quickly than I anticipated. Not-so-strangely, the moment I realized this, I felt my whole perspective shift and, dare I say, I actually started to feel good.

I spent the rest of the day designing a business card for myself and daydreaming of my future studio (the one in an old warehouse with high ceilings and big windows and lots of wall space). When I got home I was greeted by a cooking husband, 2 jumping dogs, and several large boxes. What did they contain? Photography lights! Yes, Vinny ordered lights so that we can get high quality images of my artwork. They were delivered today.

As I moved around the kitchen helping with dinner I felt myself fill up with a really yummy energy. I am nearly finished with the things that no longer serve me. I mean, I can actually feel it! I nonsensically sang a little "I'm almost done!" song...and, oh, it felt so good!

Over plates of spaghetti, I asked Vinny to describe what his dream life looks like. He wouldn't do it at first, but after some coaxing he finally says: "I'm laying in a hammock."

Okaaay... (I don't mean to sound sexist here, but why is it so hard to get men to play this game?)

Next I asked him what he does to make money. And he responds: "I pet dogs." Then he tilts his body as though laying in a hammock and moves his arm up and down in a motion of dog petting. "When I get tired I take a break...(he stops his petting)...and then a little bit later I start again" (he resumes his petting motion).

It felt good to nearly spit spaghetti out my nose laughing at this image, but even better to think that there is a distinct possibility of turning this vision into a reality. He also admitted that he would be doing web design, but made it very clear that he would work from home and spend more time with the dogs than web design. this is one (two, three, four, five) of the reasons I'm in love with this guy. In the end, our dreams are incredibly compatible. Funny how that works since this isn't the direction either one of us imagined traveling in. The lights, well, they are Vinny's way of letting me know that he believes in what I'm doing.

And you know what? They work great!


Gritty Pretty said...

i've thoroughly enjoyed your blog for a long time now. thanks for sharing your art and life. i think the hammock is a fabulous idea!

Deirdre said...

There are two studio lights currently in my dining room. Not sure where to put them, but since Richard is finally letting himeself fall back into photograpy and loving it I don't mind where he keeps them. Most of the time.

Love the business card, love that you're being so wonderfully supported at home, love the dreams the two of you have for your life together. Really glad you didn't snort spaghetti out your nose. Ouch.

Happy painting.

I AM said...

your cards are AMAZING!

laundrygirl said...

Love the cards! I think your husband is wonderful and amazing and I love the way he supports you and they way you two are great together. I had a rough morning. I tried to call you too. I guess had we connected we both would have been in a mess!

Anonymous said...

the cards are great, jessie!! i laughed when i read vinny's "ideal life" because B has said the exact same thing...except add a good beer to the mix.

gosh, i really hope we end up in minneapolis!!!

caroline : my pocket said...

:D That made me laugh! I love how lucidly you describe your life, you are excellent at putting it succinctly, but still very much descriptively. Err, if that makes sense! :) I'm glad to see your husband too, what a sweetheart... Men just speak a different language it seems, I'm learning it slowly. Congratulations on being nearly done! I'm about as excited as you are, you don't know just how much you inspire my life and times, thank you. x

Tammy said...

Hi Jessie!

I loved Looo-ieees portrait and that business card. Do we send a picture or do you do this live?

Vinny is very precious!

I wish I could use my hands to try art but they are too knarled. I can barely use a fork and TV can make things worse. My shoulder is finally well enough to hold my camera so I'll start there.

Thanks sweetie

Tori said...

I sent you an email with a photo attachment today :)

My dream house seems very much like your dream studio and I think that your husband's dream life is wonderful. Keep going after ALL your dreams!

bella said...

Wow. How cool is it to have that support from your partner? I'm so happy for you my dear.
Oh, and the portrait of Louis? Simply divine! xo

Annie Coe said...

I love the cards and I think your husband is a darling for being so supportive. Blessings, Annie

Anonymous said...

Your business card is Adorable!
And I can just feel the creative, syncronized, and loving energy between you and your hubby.
And wow...he's a cutie too!
I adore your blog!

Sharon said...

The business card is perfect!
And what a thoughtful husband!!!!

kj said...

what sharon said, except i would add cute after thoughtful.


John from Grand Haven, MI said...

1. any guy named vinnie is going to be a "good guy". if you don't what a "good guy" is ask vinny, he'll know.
b. the picture of vinny is funny because of the smiling asian dude in the painting behind him.
III. have you tried brown dog ale from the smuttynose brewery in new hampshire?

GreenishLady said...

That story of Vinny going and getting something to support your art is absolutely wonderful. I love that the world has men like that in it, and it's so great that you would share that with us. The cards, the dream-studio --- wonderful, and I also like Vinny's dream-life. Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Your cards are amazing. People will take one look at those cards and instantly get a feel for your work, the skill level and quality and professionalism. As for Vinny...RIGHT ON! Bravo, I say to him for supporting your vision and for playing the dream job game. Don't be afraid to dream big. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

The Dream said...

Your dude is so great - as you are! I have had these times of thinking that my man was not on board with my dreams, but then turns around and lets me know that he is, in no uncertain terms. And to have someone make you laugh, even at the risk of blowing food or beverage through one's nose, is the greatest!!! Cool business card and WAY COOL lights!

~Izabella said...

wow!! what a kool blog!! stumbled upon your link through Rustic Stains~ happy I did!!

xo!! ~Izabella

Anu said...

Your dog's name is Anu and you like Samosas? That's so cool!

Endment said...

I have finally quit laughing enough to write.
Looking forward to seeing what comes next

Melba said...

Our husbands sound amazingly similiar in this post. It is difficult to get Sean to dream too. But when I do he is playing golf as much as possible.
He also does these subtle things that let me knows he believes in me with out all the jumping up and down that I do.

I am excited to here More of what is in store for you.
I love the cards!!!

Vi said...

Hi there, Spiky Zora Jones sent me over, she thinks you are very talented and should submit to our international blog book we are compiling for the charity 'War Child.' If you are interested, you can read more on my latest post.


Vi x

Jeppe said...



Anonymous said...

Oh My God ... Vinny is a sweetheart. That's a great shot of him at the end. Isn't it amazing how we draw all the people we need to be deliriously happy.

Colorsonmymind said...

I just wanna hug you after reading this. That is all I can think to say. hee hee

madelyn said...

jessie girl ~

first of all ~ that man is
such a cutie! and he is
sooo loving and aware and
good for you:)

and that photo of him by the lights
just made me feel so full of love
for you guys:)

you my sweet girl deserve this
yummy man:)

(hugs for both of you)