Tuesday, February 12, 2008

among other thoughts...weimaraners in sepia and blue

"Blue Dog"
9" x 12"
Oil on Canvas
* * *

"Swan Dog"
9" x 12"
Oil on Canvas
* * *
"Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today I finished two more paintings--weimaraners in sepia and blue. These came as a surprise to me since I am not usually drawn to paint in monochromatic color schemes. One section just sort of led to the next and, I must admit, I enjoyed the process immensely. I'm now at the end of my three days off from work (such a luxury!) and I find it hard to wrestle myself away from the pleasures of painting. I have been reminding myself, however, that this discontent is a sign of energy--and, although I lack patience, I am very aware of the changes taking place under the surface of my life. Well, actually, I think it broke through the surface a couple weeks ago.

I've been reading Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance and, of discontent, yesterday's entry read:
"What is going on is part of the process. I call it Divine Discontent. It is the grit in the oyster before the pearl. This creative second chance is when we come into our own. When we finally claim our own lives and wrestle our futures from fate. When we learn how to spin straw into gold. When we realize gratefully that we can live by own lights if we access the Power. Ask for it. Claim it. Today."

Lately I've been noticing myself daydreaming a lot about studio spaces. Actually, there are a few things I've been daydreaming pretty heavily about. I've also been thinking a lot about things like ABUNDANCE and SELF-CONFIDENCE. I'm experiencing growing pains and absolute happiness all at once. It is such a strange and interesting combination of elements. I'm also doing a bit of MYTH-BUSTING--you know, breaking down all those myths and weird beliefs that hold me back. This, too, is a process. Last night, during our Circe's Circle conference call, I was talking about how Minnesotans don't spend very much money on art. After hanging up, it dawned on my that I have no idea why I held that belief. I mean, where did I come up with that idea?

In no uncertain terms, my molecules are shifting in more ways than one. I suppose you could say that letting go of certain ways of thinking seems to have a way of doing that. Needless to say, I like thinking about who I would be without any of the limiting beliefs that I let hold me back. I like thinking about who I would be if I trusted my instincts. I like thinking about what it means to live an authentic life. And most of all...I like knowing that I am moving towards a life that is everything it was meant to be--even if it just one step at a time. Every step counts!


caroline : my pocket said...

I like the monochromatic a lot, it gives the portraits a simple grace. Love the posture in the second one - looks like he/she is doing a sudden 'what was that?' turn, the type where the ears fly. :)

I can so relate to the grit in the oyster impatience and discomfort - it's like revving up the engine but not being able to race off yet. I've been thinking like you that it is my own limiting beliefs that hold me back, keeping the change at a speed I can deal with without freaking out (unconsciously). What a journey though :) x

Sacred Suzie said...

How exciting! First, your paintings are AMAZING! And I'm so thrilled to hear you're a part of Circe's Circle. I'd love to hear about that too and am glad that it revealed that limiting belief to you so that you can change it and be even more successful.

Annie said...

I think the paintings are beautiful.
As for the limiting beliefs, I can
totally relate, I have a bunch :-), but the first step is to realize you
have them and you are on the right
road. Keep doing what you are doing and you can't go wrong.:-)

Anonymous said...

Those paintings are fantastic. Absolutely original with such an organic element-- I can't put my finger on what it is but I think it is the sheen of the highlight that brings the texture of their coats to life-- just fabulous!!!


Sharon said...

I LOVE the paintings! You have an incredible talent!
I can't wait to see more...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that reading was BANG ON for you. I'm so glad you are myth busting. And hey, even if it were true that Minnesotans don't spend money on art, you could still be the artist who changes their minds and makes them all suddenly want art on their walls.

Anonymous said...

Oh my freakin' lawd! These 2 paintings are stunning. Swan dog is a heart-breaker!

Thanks for posting them. And for sharing your myth-busting.

You go girrrrl.

Anonymous said...

My God Jessie, Your talent takes my breath away!

Vedrana M. said...

wow, your paintings look wonderful :)) i'm so happy for you, i know you can make your dreams come true, xoxo

GreenishLady said...

These are marvellous. My excitement is growing with every one of your dog portraits I see that soon you will be doing my Trixie portrait! Yay! And keep up the daydreaming - rich, deep dreams are more likely to become reality than guilty, quickly dismissed dreams. That's my belief, anyway!

laundrygirl said...

The sight of your paintings made me gasp. They are so beautiful! I LOVE the monochromatic color schemes!

I also like the reflection you presented here. I keep re-reading the words, "the grit in the oyster before the pearl"
Oh - I have so much to tell you! I need to sit and write you another email!

Colorsonmymind said...

Ahhhh these are just stunning. Wow, wow , wow. Really gorgeous!

And the quote. Such yumminess.

You are a true inspiration.


megg said...

Oh Jessie. I count my blessings every day and you are one of them!! I would do anything to come over and play with you and your pups. I have lost count of the number of times that I have come to your site and felt a jolt of recognition. From here: "I'm experiencing growing pains and absolute happiness all at once." I was almost in tears. How are our paths so similar right now??? I am working through my own myths right now. I will think of you struggling and creating along side me today and be inspired!!!!!!

Love you!!!

Melba said...

I love that now when i read a post of yours I can hear your voice in my head!

madelyn said...

I love what melba said ~
i can hear your sweet voice as

and your paintings are stunning and
emotive and i am just in awe
of you :)

The Dream said...

Every step DOES matter. I LOVE what you have going on here, my friend!