Saturday, November 17, 2007


Tomorrow, I am happy to say, I am going to take some time off to spend the day with my husband visiting the Walker and the Minneapolis Institute of Art with a lunch date sandwiched in between. Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe on the same day?! OMG. Perhaps I'll write more if it's even possible to describe the ecstasy I'm sure to experience. This is just the sort of break I need. Thank you, Universe. And thank you everyone else for the kind of comments that you left on the last post.

I also treated myself to the latest copy of Art Forum (because there are such incredible images of artwork and studios within its many pages) and a wonderfully RED shirt since I've been wanting something red to wear ever since starting the "Be Brave" project. It is reserved for days when I want or need to feel especially brave. I have a feeling that I will probably wear it often in the coming weeks.

In other news , I finally finished writing a cover letter that I had been avoiding for several days. Avoidance really takes a toll on me and is part of the reason I have been feeling so drained. In the end, I decided to do the only thing possible and simply write from the heart. Why did I spend so much time making my life difficult? I mean, I think it might just be my best cover letter yet.

Tomorrow I'll get a much needed dose of strong woman energy--but, for now, it is off too bed. My dreams, these days, have been vivid. I've been doing my best to pay attention because, even in their strangeness, my dream-time insights have been somewhat startling in their accuracy.


Anonymous said...

I know you're going with V, but I wish I was going with you too! Have an amazing time.

Sharon said...

What a brave, understanding husband to share such a visit with you! Lots of guys would cringe...mine included...

Anonymous said...

YAY red shirt!!! Yay Frida and Georgia in the same day! Yay cover letter from the HEART. You go, woman.

kj said...

sometimes i think you and i are on the same roller coaster, jessie.

and sometimes i wonder if i would change it if i could.

and sometimes i doubt i would.

Anonymous said...

Oh my lawd...Frida & Georgia on the same day! That's what I call perfect.

Fill 'er up.

Amber said...

I only started wearing red in the last few years...I think I needed to become a woman, before I could wear it and feel it. ;)


Unknown said...

Wow! I hope you truly enjoyed your day of fabulous art!
and...I just wrote a cover letter that was truly from the heart and it worked!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! I hope you found your own spirit soaring in the midst of such incredible woman spirits.
By the way, I need your creative help by brilliant friend...just switched over to typepad and want to really make my page my own (just don't know how?). I know you are so busy but I'd love any advice you may offer. Also, exciting news is awaiting:)
Love you pretty woman!

madelyn said...

I saw Georgia too! On Friday!

I love her so much ~ her art really
speaks to me ~ her color pallette and
movements of the brush ~
she is so passionate!!!

and I love Alfred's photographs of
her which were at my exhibit and
in particular of her hands:)

I am sure you two had a lovely time
together ~ galleries are so serene:)

red shirt? I am jeaous ~ i
never ever look good in red ~
but a twinge of blue in the red
or fuscia ~ then it works:)

love you sweetie:)

Anonymous said...

oh OH what a perfect, utterly perfect day-- I'm inspired just reading about it.


Laura B. said...

I hope you feel "re-filled", Jessie!

And I love the red shirt. I have certain articles of clothing that make me feel powerful, or child-like, or whatever I need. Whatever I need, usually there's something I can wear that can help...!