Sunday, November 25, 2007

Quarterlife Blog Drama

I read about Quarterlife in the newspaper today under a headline reading "Web-only shows now ready for prime time."

The main character, Dylan, says things like "we blog to exist" and "I often find myself crying for no reason and find out later there was a huge reason I was unaware of." She uses her online diary as a writerly venue to muse over the deep, dark secrets of her closest friends. Apparently, these 8-minute episodes just might debut on NBC as hour long versions sometime in 2008--and it's not hard to imagine the explosion of personal blogs if it happens.

My heart sort of skipped a beat when I read the article. I was at work, on an island without internet, when I read it. I mean, a show about a bloggers?! *eeeeh!* Aren't we all, in our own way, looking for whatever it is that reflects the deep-certain-something that we are continuously trying to make meaning of? Needless to say, I watched all 5 episodes in one go.

Never mind that it's mostly about skinny girls, boys, fucked up self-worth, skinny girls, and boys. I think it's about other profundities as well, but it kept getting lost in boy-drama. Even so, there's a few insightful little statements peppered throughout. I admit that I like it--even if it is just blogger junk food.

Watch it for yourself here. I highly suggest starting at the beginning. Then again--does it really matter? Since we're talking blogs, does it really matter where you pick up the story line?


Anonymous said...

i thought i was going to freak when i saw a link to quarterlife on your page. i LOVE quarterlife!!! i even sent them a "friend request."



Anonymous said...

Yep, I heard about this too and have to admit it sounded like fun. Sure...I am a few years away from the whole "Quarterlife" thing (although I milked that about 10 years ago LOL) but I'm NEVER too removed from drama.

I'll be watching.

Miss you, girlfriend...xoxo, M

Sacred said...

As usual, you have to lie and say you live in the U.S. to be able to see this stuff, at least they didn't check my IP like most online shows and bar me from watching it because I'm not in the U.S. I do look forward to checking it out just for the blogging stuff.

Loralee Choate said...

Bloggers will soon take over the universe. MWAH HA HA HA!!!

Melba said...

Here I am at your blog minutes before I have to pick up Ethan and Maggie. I will be watching later.

On another note; do you have a web cam? Sean just bought one us one last night (because I really wanted one and he found one for a crazy 19.99 after a discount and a rebate)If you have one we could actually see each other and talk!