Monday, November 05, 2007

Acts of Bravery...and then some!

"Courage is not the absence of fear but the judgment that something else is more important than fear. . . . For now you are traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can be." ~Meg Cabot

A couple of days ago I invited all of you to send me a list of the brave things that you have accomplished so that I could compile our list together. These are some seriously wonderful acts of bravery, my friends!!

If you still want to add something to the list, it's not too late. Everyone is invited to add their acts of bravery--big or small. Once again, just send me an email or leave a comment. I'll keep adding to this list over the next few days.

What staggers me the most is the feeling of STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!!! :) You people amaze me!!
  1. I had a job interview-me and six people and It was very hard and I did not do a great job but I am owning that and there you have it:)
  2. sent a 30 poem manuscript to a small pubisher
  3. responded to their kind rejection letter by calling the editor and asking for feedback
  4. followed his recommendation and applied to the colrain poetry manuscript conference
  5. got accepted!
  6. started a short story about a great love affair
  7. brought my mom to my house to live for awhile
  8. let go of an uneven friendship
  9. made cards from my photos
  10. let myself love
  11. reviving my counseling business.
  12. Wrote my first Amazon Vine review.
  13. Discovered in my heart that I deserve nice things, ordered a designer key fob.
  14. Stood up for myself.
  15. Made first video ever.
  16. Conquered my fear of groups. Really!
  17. Took a yoga class.
  18. Grounded my health by giving up sugar & refined carbs & alcohol.
  19. Started a low carb diet.
  20. Decided to stay sober, sugar-free, and refined carb-free for a good while.
  21. Decided to do NaNoWriMo, a writing challenge.
  22. Became more authentic on my blog.
  23. Attempted to get more sleep (still have work here).
  24. Eventually stopped putting myself down for my hair.
  25. Made first video Amazon review.
  26. Did first guest blog spot on a blog.
  27. Opened up to a new friend.
  28. Figured out how to use my new word processor.
  29. Took on procrastination and broke through it many times.
  30. Said no to good things that weren't right for me.
  31. Learned how to give myself permission to take a break.
  32. Became more comfortable with receiving good things from the Universe.
  33. Began to lose weight.
  34. Began to feel my feelings.
  35. Experimented with being present.
  36. Decided to adopt being present as a spiritual practice.
  37. Started and continued to due yoga every day.
  38. Shook up my patterns by doing things differently.
  39. Discovered that I could be brave with the flu.
  40. Learned to face difficult intimate conversations better.
  41. Discovered the ease that comes with perseverance.
  42. Eliminated clutter on To Do List.
  43. Cleaned my pantry.
  44. Did things imperfectly with comfort.
  45. Dealt with my most feared person ever.
  46. Learned to trust that the Universe will come through for me.
  47. Practiced keeping myself safe.
  48. Had video featured for the first time on another blog.
  49. Stopped out-of-control late night eating.
  50. Decided to help create a Complaint-Free World.
  51. Found out that things could be easy instead of hard, if I wanted them to.
  52. Discovered that being afraid is something I can move through.
  53. Surprised myself with what I could do.
  54. Fell in love with this community.
  55. Committed with all my heart to move back to Spain and build my coaching career.
  56. Gave notice on my flat.
  57. Canceled some subscriptions on my bank account.
  58. Arranged an interview with a company I used to work for in Madrid.
  59. Booked my flights for the interview.
  60. Made contact with contacts in Spain telling then about my plans and asking for help me on my journey.
  61. Asked a client who doesn't pay me to pay me.
  62. Started copying all of my late father's CDs onto my laptop so that I can let go of their physical bodies!
  63. I have been nurturing my wounded, scared little heart with tender words and brave commitments to its desires.
  64. It has started to beat louder and thumping, red and juicy and full of joy, so that I always know its there.
  65. My heart full of joy has kept me laughing and free from blame and judgement through a big restructure at work.
  66. The braver my heart is, the more joy it creates in this body that's my home while I'm here and the more I am able to let go of attachment and I chose to take conscious action from this place every day.
  67. I ask myself "Are you awake?" just so that I am 100% sure that I am present and at choice no matter how much difficulty is going on around me.
  68. I bought some clothes that are the real, authentic me and they keep me brave.
  69. One of the outfits is leggings, boots and a lovely aubergine top that gets me a lot of attention. I would never have worn this at 20 even though I was 10 pounds thinner and 18 years younger. Too scared, I was hiding. Being brave lets me light up a room sometimes without feeling embarassed about my body.
  70. I posted a proper picture of myself on my blog for all to see!
  71. I've been making a huge effort to connect with more people. I've always been shy and so chatting and joking with people I dont really know is a new and thrilling pleasure. And the good thing is that nowadays, people seem to naturally want to chat with me. I like it.
  72. I started working with two clients who asked me to work with them about two months ago and I never acted on it.
  73. I have asked all of my clients if they will still work with me when I move and so far they have all said yes!
  74. I leave comments more regularly on blogs that I like and connect with even more people.
  75. Composing an email about coaching asking friends and family to spread the word for me.
    22. Confronting my fear of rejection by asking for what I want. If I want to spend time with someone I tell them.
  76. In line with that fear, going through embarassment and just to name and say what's really going on for me is truly liberating.
  77. I was inspired by the Be Brave project to attend a job fair, shake hands
    over and over and pass out my resume multiple times.
  78. Applied for a job as curator of education at the Crocker Art Museum
  79. Applied for a job as education program coordinator at Museum of the African Diaspora
  80. Submitted work into an international show. If my work is accepted it will be shown in a highly reputable gallery in London
  81. Was nominated take a trip to Europe as part of the International Scholar Laureate Program. While this scares the crap out of me I am gathering information to go.
  82. Changed my hairstyle after wearing it in a way that was easy and comfortable for 2 years
  83. Inquired about studio space at the place I had my art show a week ago
  84. Inquired about a gallery that I have submitted work at before without response but have being encouraged to try again several times by about four artists this museum represents
  85. Signed up for Nanowrimo - National Novel Writing Month. While the book I want to write isn't a novel, I figured this activity would be just the push to get it all down on paper
  86. Agreed to speak in front of a group of women about starting an art collection
  87. Making hearts, stars, and joy ornaments with the hope that they will sell throughout the holiday season
  88. Filing away old bills and clearing clutter (a brave act simply because I do not want to deal with it)
  89. Applied for a portrait artist job.
  90. Applied for a retail manager position. I was offered a job, but turned it down because it didn't pay well enough to justify it. Upon reflection I was glad that it worked out the way it did because, if I were to be honest with myself, it is not the kind of work I want to do anyway.
  91. Worked on my thesis (and I'm almost done!).
  92. Encountered wild animals up close, including two bears and an entire pack of wolves in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. Now that was (wonderfully) scary!
  93. Went on a solo writing retreat.
  94. Got my bangs cut extra short.
  95. Went shopping for a nice outfit that made me feel good, wore high heels, and went out to a restaurant that sported more silverware than I knew what to do with!
  96. Walked out into the deep, black, night through mist and crashing waves. Such darkness. I was terrified!
  97. Started eating smaller portions for meals and traded crackers and chips for apples--and have, since then, lost a few pounds.
  98. Posted a video of myself on my blog. Yow! Did I really do that?!
  99. Built a website banner for someone inspired by a dream image. I was intimidated by it at first, but ended up having so much fun creating it!
  100. Learned how to use my new pen tablet that I had been avoiding for weeks.
  101. Made great strides in learning new Photoshop techniques. This has already been so incredibly helpful in terms of my web design projects and fun, too!
  102. Started pulling together the inklings of a new book.
  103. Looked into getting fine art prints of my paintings.
  104. Applied for a advising/counseling position. It is the kind of job that I would love!
  105. Shared my blog address with my mom.
  106. Had my tarot read. Wonderful, amazing, life-changing.
  107. Learned how to solve computer challenges without asking for help.
  108. Went shopping for jeans even though I was afraid that they would all look horrible on me and that I would go home feeling bad about my body. However, I surprised myself by finding a pair that fit perfect and that I feel great in!
  109. Lined up an art show for spring.
  110. Cleaned, organized, and cleared out the negative energy in my office. It feels great and is so much more conducive to getting things done and feeling comforted.
  111. Made lasagna from scratch for the first time ever.
  112. Started really and truly believing in myself and my dreams.
  113. Inquired about 2 more web design projects--and got them both!
  114. Bought a new domain for our web design business that better reflects me. We're in the process of revamping the whole site in a way that better reflects my work.
  115. Started wearing jewelery and clothes that feel more like me and noticed how much brighter my energy shines when I am simply me.
  116. Was honest with myself and stuck to my guns when confronted with an "opportunity" that would undermine my personal goals.
  117. Made a list of priorities...then got real with myself. I have a tendency to stretch myself always too thin and always too far. So I shifted things around so that there are only two ranked under "#1 Priority."
  118. Did a "letting go" ritual
  119. A stay at home mother of two years applied for a position that would allow her to get back into her profession, but still be able to pour ample amounts of energy into her favorite job: being a mom.
  120. A professional photographer did something that she always wanted to do and started taking photos of strangers--with great success!
  121. Got courageous and signed up and went to a weekend long weaving workshop.
  122. Got even more courageous and, even though it was hard, got honest with someone important.
  123. I have taken time off blogging in order to look deeper, all alone.
  124. I have taken medical tests I have been putting off, in order to be proactive in my own health.
  125. I went off my anti depressant (ok'd by doctor!)
  126. I shared some very personal information with someone that needed to hear it.
  127. I worked out a big problem (dog related) with a neighbor on our street.
Is there an act of bravery that you would like to add? ;)

"I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint - and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you." ~Oprah Winfrey


bella said...

Wow. Just wow. This is an inspiring list of brave acts. Your idea was the spark for many people. It's been such a pleasure to read the different stories of bravery on the blogs.
This makes me so happy.

Melba said...

sometimes i don't have the words to say all I want to say to you so i just think the thoughts and feel the feelings and know you know.

Wow while typing this I had this crazy ear ringing happening.

We should try to meet in our dreams!


Amber said...

Wow, look at all that!

*I have taken time off blogging in order to look deeper, all alone.

*I have taken medical tests I have been putting off, in order to be proactive in my own health.


Endment said...

yes the word is Wow!

Kikipotamus said...

WOW. All of that was sitting inside of us waiting to be birthed.

I AM said...

Reading this list, reading everyone's brave acts has touched me so deeply.

I am crying brave, proud, beautiful tears for all of you, all of us.

JulieZS said...

Wow, that is a powerful list! I'm so inspired, and yes I do have some bravery to add to the list. 1)I went off my anti depressant (ok'd by doctor!)
2)I shared some very personal information with someone that needed to hear it.
3) I worked out a big problem (dog related) with a neighbor on our street.

TryingToFindTheWords said...

Hi, my name is Savannah and I stumbled onto your "Be Brave" project one day when I was looking up the quote "Do one thing that scares you everyday" to see who said it. I read your plan and then looked around and found the list of what everyone did. I was so moved. What you did was so amazing. You've inspired me to take on my news years resolution of being more outgoing and doing more things that make me happy with gusto and do one thing everyday that had daunted me and to shape myself to the person I want to be.

I just wanted to drop by and say that you amaze me. Keep on be braving. :]

xo Savannah