Thursday, November 22, 2007

love to my rockstar friends :)

Due to a really wonderful email, this morning I was reminded to be thankful for my my friends. There are so many things to be thankful for and it never even dawned on me to think of Thanksgiving as a day to actually think about the things I'm grateful for. Mostly, I was thinking about what time we should leave for my grandparents' house and what the traffic might be like and how many rawhides I should bring for Louis to keep him out of trouble while we're there.

Today I am grateful to still have active, healthy grandparents whom I love and am loved by. It is snowing--pretty, soft falling snowflakes. The ground has a light covering for the first time this year. I am grateful for winter and snuggling dogs and a smiling husband and this very divine extra dark French roast coffee that I am drinking from one of my favorite cups.

Want to know what else I'm thankful for?? I am thankful for YOU, my blogging friends. Thank you for inspiring me, motivating me, supporting me, growing with me, believing in me, thinking with me...thank you for sharing your friendship. You are all a seriously positive force in my life! :)



Kikipotamus said...

Thank you for reminding me to make a gratitude list today.

Maddie said...

I love that cup you are sipping
coffee out of ~ it is very
earthy and poetic ~ like you!

I am grateful for you sweetie ~
and your golden heart and
inspiring soaring spirit:)

I have been in a tiny teeny
funk this week and will e~mail you


caroline / my pocket said...

Hello! :) I found you via Maddie's blog and I've been reading for a while now. Just wanted to say how much I admire your writing - your honesty and courage, I find it so inspiring and encouraging.

I was especially impressed with your video clip, that was marvellous! I would not have dared do that, so it was so wonderful to see you and hear what you sound like in real life, thank you.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

gkgirl said...

happy thanksgiving,
i hope you have a fantastic one!

Sharon said...

I am thankful for your insightful and inspiring writing. Your talent and bravery just blow me away!

Colorsonmymind said...

Happy Thanksgiving love.

I am a loser and didn't buy enough backs for the earrings so I have them sitting waiting to be sent to you. I will most definitely get them to you before xmas.LOL.

You rock and how I would adore having a cup of Jo with you.

Anonymous said... there anything better than drinking strong coffee and watching it snow outside?
I am grateful for crossing your path in this blogging community.
We had our Thanksgiving here in Canada, back in October, eh?

Sacred Suzie said...

Your world sounds so beautiful right now, I am so glad that your life is filled with much love and friendship and hopefully soon food that really feeds, LOL.

bella said...

I hope your holiday was wonderful. I am so super thankful to have met you - you're such a sweet girl and it warms my heart to have a friend like you. xo

Melba said...

Love you! Hope you had the most wonderful day!

Leah said...

hugs and love my dear. i'm so very grateful for you!! xoxox