Monday, May 07, 2007


Ok, I've just returned from very lovely visits at Leah's and Elizabeth's blogs and saw that they did the Finding Water Divining Rod from page 243-244. I know that I invited everyone to spend some time with this one, but I hadn't actually sat down to answer the questions one by one. I wrote abstractly about my thoughts both in my journal and in a couple of blog posts.
There's something to be said for formulating your thoughts into language. I believe that it is a deeper form of understanding.

So here it is:

Have you reorganized your living space?
Yes! Oh my gosh, I hadn't really realized that I had done this during our Finding Water adventure, but I rearranged almost the ENTIRE house! It started with rearranging my writing room. The fresh perspective has been good for me.

Have you thrown anything away?
I hauled several big garbage bags from the basement (which is also the space that acts as my art studio). I got pretty haphazard and overzealous in my mess-making this past winter while doing artwork for the bookstore. It felt good to get it cleaned up. I even mopped the floors and reorganized some of the shelves! But, oh my...I have SO MUCH MORE TO DO! I have declared the basement to be one of my summer projects. My studio space deserves to be so much more than it is!

Has your color sense shifted?
I find myself really attracted to blue and green these days. I am normally a warm color palette sort of blues and greens are a whole new world for me. Rather watery, wouldn't ya say?

Has your relationship to music shifted?
Um...I named my puppy after Louis Armstrong. And oh-so-long ago I named my old black cat after Cat Steven's song "Moonshadow." I have always had a deep love of music, but a few years ago it sort of fell out of my life. I don't know exactly when or how it happened, but it has returned in full force. A couple of months ago I even moved the stereo into my writing room. The sound is so much better than these stupid computer speakers. I love it!

Do you find yourself being more plainspoken?
Like Elizabeth, I've been trying to not say sorry so often out of habit. Having started 2 new jobs in the past year I found myself saying "sorry" a lot--usually because I was learning something new and felt stupid for not already magically knowing how to do everything. But then I kept hearing myself say it all the time and started to get annoyed with myself.

Also, both of my jobs are very laid back and allow for many conversational opportunities. Finding Water has helped me to be more myself--and my jobs have been conducive to putting what I've learned into action.

Have there been any shifts in your intimate relationship?
Yes--my relationship with my husband just keeps getting better and better. Through Finding Water I've started thinking in new ways and, as a result, Vinny and I have found that our dreams and talents work well together. In some ways we are very different--but we compliment each other well. Business-wise and relationship-wise, this has been good for both of us. It is fun to be working together once again.

Have you experienced any difference in your energy?
Yes! Working outside at the garden shop has done wonders for me. At first I was going to say that this had nothing to do with the Finding Water journey. But then I remembered what I kept writing over and over in the first couple of weeks: I wanted a new work situation! And I got it--immediately. Sun, fresh air, and lots of exercise has done wonders for my energy level, not to mention my outlook!

Have you experienced any weight gain or loss?
Well, barely. At the beginning of Finding Water I got really serious about losing some weight. I lost 5 pounds, but then sort of fell off the wagon, so to speak. I feel like I'm in good physical condition. I am strong and happy. But I could definitely lose another 10-15 pounds. I lost my sense of discipline when I started back at the garden shop. I have, however, continued to eat much healthier--and that in itself counts for a lot.

Have you relinquished--or seriously thought about relinquishing--any other "bad" habit?
Err-ummm, no. Does attempting to quiet my inner critic count?

Are you conscious of having more choices in your daily life?
Oh my gosh--YES!!! I feel like I am starting over with EVERYTHING! Even though my past has contained many eccentrically wild adventures, I always thought my life would turn out in certain ways, that I was headed in a particular direction. It turns out that my life path is something of a forest--with experiences leading in many directions. I will always have my core desires--but I am starting to appreciate all of the surprise opportunities I am finding along the way.

Has your relationship to a Higher Power altered?
To be honest, I got a little sick of the "God" talk. I'm sorry if this offends anyone because that is not my intention at all. Everyone talks about God differently--and I guess you could say that Julia's language felt a bit weird to me. It's not that I don't believe in a Higher Power, but the title, "God," is sometimes awkward for me (blame it on Catholic school). I don't have a word for this Incredible Thing that Connects us--and I don't feel the need for one. Nonetheless, I have appreciated the spiritual aspect of the book. My life feels more balanced because of it. As I wrote about in my last post, I especially am drawn to the thought of how my talents can be of service to others. That alone makes me feel connected in a way that I didn't before.

Are you more comfortable with your spirituality?
Yes. I sense it even in the trees.

What other changes do I envision for my future?
Through this Finding Water journey I have been reminded that the things I most desire will find their way into my life if I just believe in myself and put my energy into it. I remember now: "Oh yeah! ANYTHING is possible!" I feel it happening right now. My life is opening up in all of the ways I was hoping it would. This amazes me beyond words.


Leah said...

oh, i'm totally with you on the god talk. i think i mentioned before that it's not the way I approach my spirituality (and teehee, i've always sensed my spirituality among the trees. i think it was the first place i sensed it.)

it was so cool to read your answers. thank you for sharing them! it's amazing how you can realize all the shifts that have happened if you're asked the right questions!

Kristine said...

I plan on doing this one some time this week... It's pretty amazing to step back and look at all of the changes and growth.

Melba said...

I am behind in my reading ...just by a chapter so I had not read these questions. Interesting. More interesting are your answers as I like to know what you are up to.

Thinking of you always!

Amber said...

I am not reading this book with all of you, but now I think I am going to have to pick it up. So many people have writen about their experience with it. And I also heard someone on the radio talking about it... It seems that it has been a great process for you!


Jamie said...

Anything is possible! I am so with you on that :)

It sounds like the Finding Water process has been powerful, cleansing and inspiring. What a beautiful journey!

Loralee Choate said...

I am hearing you on the colors. I am in love with the autumn palette, but lately, my soul has been craving blues and greens.

Maybe it is because my blog is orange and red and I am sick to death of creating it.

Anonymous said...

Awesome answers Jessie. Thanks for sharing these. I did mine on my blog too!!
Thank you again for leading us on this journey with yourself & Leah.
This book has been a really magical journey of self discovery!!!

acumamakiki said...

I just posted the answers to these questions on my blog and yeah, the God talk for me didn't resonate. I understand where JC was coming from though and that's cool for her.

It's so great to see how far we've come from this journey and how subtle the changes can and have been!

I'm so glad I joined you ladies on this journey. I've 'met' cool new bloggers who I love to visit daily and I've learned a lot about myself and creativity. I'm sort of in a slump right now but I know this too shall pass, it always does.