Wednesday, May 09, 2007

notes on a wednesday

These days, every time I write something new for my blog I feel as though I am writing on luxuriously stolen time. I just came home from work at the garden shop where it was hot and busy. I'm a little sunburned and whole lot tired, but I feel good. The puppy is sound asleep in the next room and Vinny will be back home with a pizza from the neighborhood pizza joint any minute. At the moment I am even enjoying a beer. When was the last time I had one of those? So long that I don't even remember--but, my god, it tastes good!

I thought I had something more interesting to say, but maybe not. Mostly I just wanted to revel in the experience of feeling good and hopefully pass it on to you.



The Dream said...

pizzzzzza - man that sounds really good right now! i feel as though i have been on another planet lately, but i wanted to thank you for your fatastic posts - being a straight shooter and sharing from the heart. good to read that you are well and happy.

as far as the GOD thing goes on your last post, i am rather devout/but mostly spiritual ... and there were times I felt completely UNcomfortable with Julia bringing this up so often. actually, the truth be written, the repetition of her writing and the divining rod assignments said to me, "this writier is in trouble."

i have thoroughly enjoyed this participation, don't get me wrong ... but the real highlight has been meeting so many talented beings and reading/seeing their creativity in action. (i have heard "the artist's way" was much better so maybe i'll check it out in the future.)

peace, flower girl

Jessie said...

the dream,
thanks for your juicy comment. i have to admit, i totally agree with you. there were several aspects of the book that made me feel the "this writer is in trouble" thing. the repetition was only one reason. then again, i can't help but really feel for her. i imagine that it is a tough spot to be in--to feel that much desperation and anxiety over writing, or over anything.

then again, i guess i feel for her because i spent most of the winter feeling that way (well, on some level anyway). really, this conversation that we're having could be several posts of their own.

i love the way you get me thinking!

peace back at ya, kayak mama

Anonymous said...

Yep, I mentioned this to Jessie too. I found a lot of the assignments to be repetitive and that made bored me. I dunno...I just didn't get enough out of this book. I liked the group, and discovering all of the new blogs, but eh, this book is going to be sold, I think.

Jessie...when will I see you again? :(

Maddie said...

I really loved notes on a Wednesday.

Now I want pizza.


Kristine said...

Pizza does indeed sound good! Sounds like the makings of a great evening. Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Luxurious stolen blog time on a Wednesday!
I always feel good after I read one of your posts!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


that was me. (bee)